Best Tennis Exercises for Beginners


Exercises for beginners in the field of tennis involve training of the entire body to support the rigidities of a competitive tennis match. The exercises should start with the full body warm up and progress to strength training. This will also help with flexibility required by the body to play tennis.

Regular practice of these exercises help beginners to progress to an advanced tennis level. Players should focus on training the core, lower body, and upper body muscles for optimal performance on the tennis court. These have a dramatic impact on the ability of a player to play better tennis.

The exercises mentioned below covers a full body workout and the essentials beginners require for playing well.

Warm Up Exercises

Exercises should always start with a proper warm up of light aerobic activity. Players can jog in place, skip rope, and use an exercise bike. These warm up sessions should be light. It is only after a proper warm up that the player should proceed to weight training.

Weight training increases the overall strength of the entire body via building the major muscle groups. The weights should not be too heavy. The program should be designed only after assessing the ability of a player.

Lower Body Exercises

These should include squats with free weights, calf raises, and lunges with free weights.

Core Exercises (Abdominals and Lower Back)

  1. Sit Ups with Twist – The exercise is perfect for a tennis player as it involves obliques more. This is vital for the trunk twisting needed for executing tennis strokes properly.
  2. Back extensions on a stability ball

Upper Body Exercises

The upper body exercises should comprise of the following:

  1. Dumbbell Rows – For upper back and arms
  2. Bicep curls
  3. Bench Press or Push-ups – For chest and arms
  4. Shoulder Presses – For shoulders and arms
  5. Upright Barbell Rows – For shoulders and trapezius

All of these exercises should be performed twice a week to allow ample time for recovery between sessions. Around 2 to 3 sets (10 to 15 repetitions each) should be performed. The weight used must be about half (40-50%) of the maximum capability of player. The rest break between sets should be limited to around a minute to 90 seconds.

Rotator Cuff

This is very important for a tennis player and must be included in any set of tennis exercises for beginners. Players should use only light weights. The exercises must be done thrice a week. Experts recommend 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions per session. For the latest and interesting Tennis news, visit

External Rotation – Start by lying on one side and holding the dumbbell with the opposite arm. Now keeping elbow at 90 degrees and tucked to the side, start rotating the arm outward and return to start position. You must perform a set and change sides.

Internal Rotation – Lie on one side of a bench. Now hold the dumbbell with arm of the same side. The elbow should be kept at 90 degrees and tucked closer to side. Use forearm beneath parallel to the floor. Rotate the arm upward and then back to starting position. You need to perform a set and change sides.

Horizontal Rotation – Start off by standing with elbows at shoulder level and bent forward at 90 degrees. Now hold the weights in each hand. Rotate these externally upward before prior to the starting position.

Wrist & Forearm

These exercises must be done using light weights by novices. The advanced or stronger players may use over 5 pound weights. The exercise should be performed around thrice a week. Each session of this exercise must include 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Wrist Extensions (Reverse Wrist Curls)

Step 1: Hold a light bar and sit down with one hand placed on knee holding the end of the bar handle. Keep the forearm flat on the knee.

Step 2: Make sure the handle of bar points directly up. Now rotate your wrist to the left and then to the right. The bar handle will rotate from pointing directly up to pointing directly to the left and then to your right.

Step 3: Change hands.


The above mentioned exercises must serve only as a guide for creating an individualized program for a beginner tennis player. A fitness program should be started only after proper medical consultation and evaluation.


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