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Are we going to run out of fossil fuel?


Today, almost everything mechanical runs from fossil fuels (other than electricity). Even after revolutions in the renewable sources of energy we are still very dependent on the supply of fossil fuels. As a matter of fact, the entire automotive industry is dependent upon fossil fuels.

What is a fossil fuel?

As the name suggests, fossils fuels are the extracts of dead plants and animal fossils which are million-year-old. Carbon is the main property that creates fossil fuels. Presently, there is three types of fuel sources, natural gas, coal, and petroleum. And most of the countries use these to generate their electricity. The major outbreak in the use of fossil fuel took place in the industrial revolution. And it is said that their demand is unlikely to go down. However, the use of fossil fuel can lead to serious environmental problems. They are considered as a non-renewable source of energy as they literally take millions of year to form.

The Three major types:

  1. Oil: perhaps the most used in the world. Petroleum is often used in the automotive sector. It is formed from dead plants and animals decomposed on the ocean floor. Their remains start to turn into sedimentary matter. With more and more layer of decomposing matter, the temperature gradually increases. And with intense pressure oil is formed.
  2. Coal: The formation of coal requires heavy vegetation. As a matter of fact, the vegetation must be buried properly under high pressure and separated from any kind of erosion.
  3. Natural gas: Methane is the main constituent of natural gas. This gas is made up of carbon and hydrogen. The process of the formation of natural gas is very similar to the formation of oil. As natural gas mostly forms near the underground oil deposits. Presently, humans are able to extract most of the gases with advanced extraction technologies (pipelines).

What are the disadvantages of Fossil fuels?

  1. They are nonrenewable: Considering the fact that they take millions of years to form, Fossil fuels are nonrenewable. Their supply remains limited to this day. As a matter of fact, some experts are predicting that they will run out in the upcoming 50 years. The supply is limited but the demand seems to be endless.
  2. They cause environmental damage: Today, the world is facing various environmental problems like Global Warming and Ozone layer depletion. The burning of every fossil fuel leads to the release of carbon dioxide. And it further causes the rise in temperature of the earth. This fact is more evident after acknowledging the fact that the global average temperature has raised in the recent times. Because of the fossil fuels, the polar ice caps are melting everyday which also resulted in increased sea levels. Our future is in danger if this continues any further.
  3. They can cause catastrophic disasters: Accidents involving fossil fuels are often deadlier than any other accidents. As oil spills often damage the Flora and fauna of the place. The inflammable nature can lead to some serious uncontrollable fire. Oil spills over water bodies often lead to massive pollution. That is very difficult to resolve. You might have heard about explosions in Oil containers as well.
  4. They are causing health degradation: All the fossil fuels cause emissions of greenhouse gases. However, they are also harmful to our health. Carbon dioxide is responsible for asthma, lung diseases as well cardiovascular diseases. The present situation is so worse that your lungs are having an intake of a packet of cigarette’s worth Co2. Even if you don’t smoke, the fossil fuel’s emission is making you inhale.
  5. Their price often fluctuates: The Arab countries often fluctuate their prices of the Fossil fuels. This fluctuation is more evident in the developing countries. And this fluctuation creates a chain reaction of inflation in the prices of other goods and services. As most of our transportation is completely depended upon this form of energy. Therefore, the small price hike in fuel prices can shape a country’s economy as well. Most of the countries are dependent upon the Arab world for the supply of fossil fuels.
  6. We are over dependent on fossil fuels: Almost the entire automotive industry is dependent upon fossil fuels. All of our cars, trucks, buses, bikes etc. are running on petroleum. Furthermore, most of the developing countries are producing electricity from fossil fuel as well. These facts become serious when we get to know that most of the petroleum products are produced by the Arab countries. They have complete control over the supply of these products. This situation has created a monopoly in the market. And this leads to the serious problems of unfair competition in the market. The West remains completely dependent upon the Arab countries despite their extremist views.
  7. The hazardous impact on Aquatic life: Sea is the main source of fossil fuel. Therefore, big companies use various forms of transportation to transport the oil. However, transportation is a complex process. Catastrophic disaster tends of happening. With the oil spill over the sea bed, it’s almost impossible to separate the oil from the water. Furthermore, most of the fossil fuels contain harmful toxins which are very dangerous for kind of life. And in this case, Aquatic life comes at stake. Technically speaking the contents of fossil fuels decreases the oxygen content of water. Therefore, all the aquatic animals face problems with respiration and ultimately give up their lives.



The world has seen many technological advances over the past century. We have taken a giant leap in modern technology. Yet it is very shameful to know that we are still relying on these harmful non-renewable sources of energy. Moreover, just for the sake of money petroleum giants have tried to stop any development towards renewable sources of energy. As a matter of fact, people often accuse some petroleum giants of killing the man who had the idea of running a car on water. Greed has always failed us in some point of our life. But if we don’t take reforms in this sector then we don’t see a bright future coming in front of us.

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