Interesting facts about Tigers

In this post, you will get a bunch of information about tiger facts. Tiger is one of the dangerous animals in the world. It has sharp teeth to chew its prey. But I think tiger is a beautiful animal because it has unique prints just like giraffe or even zebra. So, let’s take a look at the details of tiger facts below.

1.The biggest cat in the world

Based on the tiger facts, you may see that tigers are considered as cats, but they are the biggest one compared to of all of the cats’ members. Some of the tigers that you may see in the jungle or forest in this present day may include five types. Those are the Sumatran, South China, Siberian, Bengal and also Indochinese tigers.

Tiger facts: The biggest cat in the world

2.Tiger and meat

The main food for tigers to stay alive is a meat. In a day, tiger is able to consume more than a hundred pound of meat. Such portion is equal to 400 burgers. Can you believe that?

Tiger facts: Tiger and meat

3.Tiger and its food

You may think that the main food for the tiger is human being. If you think so, you may need to change such thought. Tiger is animal which also like to consume monkey, fowl, frog and also tortoise.

Tiger facts: Tiger and its food

4.Tiger and its size

In general, the size of a tiger is so big. The tail usually is around 3-4 ft long. The size from the head up to the body is 1.4 up to 2.8 meter long. The size of the foot pad cannot be stated in accurate data for it depends on the age of the tiger.

Tiger facts: Tiger and its size

5.Siberian tiger

If you want to know the heaviest species of tiger, you may need to see the Siberian tiger in the zoo and find out whether it is so huge and enormous or not. The weight of such animal can reach 225 kilogram.

Tiger facts: Siberian tiger

6.Tiger and its vision

Tiger is one of the animals which have a great vision based on the tiger facts. The pupils of the tiger are in round shape. Commonly, the color of the iris is yellow, but you will find that white tiger has blue color.

Tiger facts: Tiger and its vision

7.Tiger and its eyes

The ability of the eye of a tiger is much better than that of human. It can see and scrutinize object in dark area especially at night with the ability six times better compared to human. The eyes of the tiger also bring a dazzling effect.

Tiger facts: Tiger and its eyes

8.Siberian tiger and its highest weight

As I have stated previously based on the tiger facts, you may see that this subspecies is so heavy. The heaviest tiger ever lived is counted in the mass of 1,025 pounds.

Tiger facts: Siberian tiger and its highest weight

9.Adult tiger

If you compare the life of adult tiger to the cat as well as lion, you may see that this animal really loves to live unaccompanied. However, such exception occurs for the female tiger which has some cubs.

Tiger facts: Adult tiger

10.Young tigers

The cubs born from the female tigers will need to stay with their mums for about 2 or 3 years old. Then they will begin the journey to find their own terrain to get the prey to survive.


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