Interesting facts about the Sun

It is the only natural source of light. Over millions of years, we have relied on its lighting and heat. In fact, to show respect some people also give it a title of God. Truly it is an important factor to sustain the life in our Earth. Most of the living beings have relied on this celestial body. And even after the rapid development in the human race, we still rely upon the Sun. So let me tell some interesting facts about the Sun.

Some interesting facts about the Sun:

  1. Planets orbits the Sun:

    The sun is orbited by the nine planets of our solar system. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto goes around the Sun. However, Pluto has not considered as a planet anymore.

  2. What is the sun:

    Scientists have classified it as a G2 dwarf considering its size and chemical structure. In short, our Sun is a medium-sized star.

  3. Sun’s age:

    Scientists have estimated the age of our Sun based on its structure. The Sun is estimated to be about 4.6 billion years old. And it has completed its half-life so far.

  4. The sun is burning:

    Yes, the Sun is constantly burning about four million tons of hydrogen every single second. That’s why it is so bright and is able to spread light and heat far away.

  5. The size of the Sun:

    Scientists have estimated that our Sun consumes 99.85 percent mass in our solar system.

  6. Fuel sources:

    Presently, our Sun is burning Hydrogen to sustain itself. It is estimated that it will continue to burn Hydrogen for the next five billion years. After which sun will start burning helium from its core.

  7. It is so big than Earth:

    You can easily fit about 109 Earth into the surface of the Sun. Furthermore, you can almost fit one million Earth inside the sun.

  8. It’s maintenance:

    Every 11 years the Sun faces major activity surges in its surface. The crust of the sun explodes and creates massive clouds in the solar system.

  9. Its magnetic properties:

    Just the maintenance of its surface. In every 11 years, the Sun changes its magnetic properties completely. As a matter of fact, the Sun reverses its poles. The south becomes the north and the north becomes the south.

  10. It is the closest star:

    There are plenty of stars in the universe. But did you know that our Sun is the closest star to Earth? The sun is 149.60 million kilometers away from earth’s surface.

  11. The temperature of the Sun:

    We know that our Sun is hot. That’s why it is able to propagate its heat so far. But did you know the fact that Sun’s core burns at 15 million degrees Celsius?

  12. The Sun rotates:

    Yes, just like our planet Earth the sun also rotates on its axis. It takes about 25.38 Earth days to complete a rotation on its axis.

  13. The Aztec belief:

    They thought that a human sacrifice is required to the sun.

  14. Intense energy:

    The Sun is the most powerful source of energy known to the mankind. In fact, it would take 100,000,000,000 tons of dangerous dynamite to match the energy produced every second by the Sun.

  15. Its gravitational pull:

    The sun has intense gravitational force. In fact, a person weighing 150 pounds on earth will weigh 4,200 pounds on Sun. Only if he manages to survive to reach there first. Ha-ha! In fact, scientists have predicted that Sun has a gravitational pull 28 times greater than the Earth.

  16. The solar wind:

    Our Sun spreads a heat wave and stream that blows 450 kilometers per second throughout our solar system.

  17. The solar flares:

    The jet particles released from the Sun are dangerous and can block satellite communications and stop electricity on our planet.

  18. The orbital path of planets:

    All the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun in the same direction, i.e. counterclockwise.

  19. People worship the sun:

    From the pre-historic days the Egyptians, Indians, Europeans worshiped the Sun. In fact, they made the Sun as a part of their religion.

  20. The Egyptian connection:

    In the medieval Egypt people used to believe in the Sun god Ra. He was the dominant figure among all the other major gods. People even believed that God Ra created himself and eight other gods.

  21. The Japanese connection:

    Japan is known to be the land of rising Sun. In the ancient times, they believed in the Sun god called Amaterasu. In fact, he played a very crucial role in Japanese ancient mythology. He was considered to be the supreme leader of the world.

  22. Japan’s flag:

    Japan is known to the place where the Sun rises first. For this reason, their flag includes a depiction of the rising sun.

  23. The Libyan connection:

    Various mummies have been discovered with Sun shaped tattoos. This shows that in the ancient days they also worshiped the Sun.

  24. Heliocentric universe:

    It is Nicholas Copernicus who gave proper evidence that it was the Earth that traveled around the Sun. But religious authorities condemned his views. Later Newton’s laws of motion proved him correct.

  25. Sun can change our climate:

    There is certain evidence that proves that fluctuations in Solar activities can change our climate. However, in the recent after the ongoing effect of Global Warming, it is the human race who is to be blamed for the increase in temperature.

  26. Aristarchus:

    He was the first person who gave the idea of a heliocentric universe.

  27. Sun’s radiation:

    Scientists have recorded a change in the radiation from Sun’s surface. However, the recording changes can do nothing if we compare it to the current situation of Global warming on Earth.

  28. A scientific theory in the 17th century:

    The scientists thought that Sun had no sunspot activity on its surface. However, in the later year’s scientists from Europe and America have determined various activities on the surface of the Sun.

  29. The upcoming Ice age:

    Today, scientists have figured that if the Sun shows some activity changes in its surface or heat level. Then it could only affect the average temperature of 2 degrees Fahrenheit.


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