Interesting facts about lions

There are some interesting lion facts that you should know so that you can broaden your knowledge about these large and also fierce animals. Their habitats are located in savannah as well as in the deep jungle.  In this post, I will present you the top 10 interesting lion facts. Here they are.

1.Lion and its name

Let’s begin the first lion facts by discussing its name. There are some terms used to call the different types of lions. If you want to call the baby infants of a lion, it is better for you to term it as whelp, Lionet, or even cub. Lioness or even She-lion is the term used to call female lion.

Lion facts: Lion and its name

2.Lion and food consumption

When consuming the prey, there is some difference between the female and male lion. Even though the female lion gets more food by hunting its prey, she eats less meat than the male lion. On average, the female only needs 11 pounds while the male eats 15 pounds.

Lion facts: Lion and food consumption

3.Male lion

Let’s discuss the next lion facts by talking about the male lion in details. When you see male lion, you will perceive that it is bigger and larger than the female lion. The weight can reach 300 up to 500 lbs. What about the length? It can reach 10 feet.

Lion facts: Male lion

4.Species of Lion

There are some species of Lion that you should know. Based on the biologist classification, it can be stated that lions are divided into seven species. Those are the Hybrid, Cave, White lion, Mountain, African, Tiglon, and White lion.

Lion facts: Species of Lion

5.Lion’s life span

The place of living affects the life span of a lion. If the lions live in the wild zone, their life span can reach fifteen years old. If they live in captivity like in the zoo, it can only reach 10 years old.

Lion facts: Lion’s life span

6.Lion and Hyena relationship

The relationship between lion and Hyena is not good. This king of the jungle really dislikes Hyena much for Hyena is considered as a tricky thief which always wants to steal the lion’s prey.

Lion facts: Lion and Hyena relationship

7.Lion mane

If you want to know whether a certain lion is a powerful and strong or not, you may need to scrutinize its mane. If you perceive that the mane of this animal is full and dark, it means that it is so forceful and dangerous.

Lion facts: Lion mane

8.Lion’s roar

There is some ways applied by these animals when they want to communicate with others. When you hear a lion roaring, it means that they try to communicate with its species. The other way applied may include the sonic wave.

Lion facts: Lion’s roar

9.World Conservation Union

Now we come to the ninth lion facts. If you are a hunter, it is better for you to know that a lion is a protected animal whether he lives in the zoo or even in the wildlife based on the regulation made by the World Conversation Union.

Lion facts: World Conservation Union

10.Hunting time

Lions have its own hunting time when they want to catch its prey. Night until dawn is considered as the prefect time. Some of the lions’ prey can be zebra, or even deer. When the sun shines, it will be the perfect time for this animal to sleep.


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