Interesting facts about Komodo dragon


Here I will tell you facts about the Komodo Dragon which probably give you information about this animal. The Komodo Dragon is the large species of lizard which found only in Indonesian. Especially it founds in Komodo island in Rinca, Flores, Gili Montang and Padar. It as the largest species of lizard which has length up to 3 metres (10 ft) and by the weight about 70 kilograms (150 lb). These are facts about the Komodo Dragon which you need to understand below.

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 1 : Preys

The Komodo Dragon as a carnivor. It has preys such as the invertebrates, mammals, and birds. It as dominated on its ecosystem because of its large size of body.

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 2 : Toxic

The Komodo Dragon in prediction it has the venomous bite within the protein toxic on it. While, the research told that the toxic is disputed, then the glands secrete an anticoagulant to face it.

Facts 2 Komodo Dragon with Tongue

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 3 : Diet

The Komodo Dragon has eat the meat, include the deers. It also eat the carrion in its environment. But, it caught attack humans in West Manggarai Regency in place where they live in Indonesia.

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 4 : Mating

The mating period is in between May and August. Then, laying of the eggs occurs in September. 20 eggs deposited in that period, and it abandoned into a hole which dug by the female komodo. The eggs then incubated for seven to eight months so that the new komodo appears.

Facts 4 Komodo Dragon

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 5 : Komodo National Park

The Komodo Dragon has endangered on its population. The number in the world totally decreased during on some period. To fight the potential of its extinct, then the national park which known as Komodo National Park founded. It as the protection into the Komodo Dragon’s populations.

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 6 : Ecology

Hot and dry places become the favorite place for the Komodo Dragon to lives. The hot and dry include on grassland, tropical forest, and the savanna. It as the ectotherm animal which active in the day, though it appears in nocturnal activity.

Facts 6 Foot and Tail

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 7 : Saliva

As the describe of Auffenberg, the Komodo dragon has a septic pathogens inside its saliva. The pathogens such as E. coli, P. mirabilis, Proteus orgami, etc. That some pathogens found in the mouth of the wild komodo.

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 8 : Conservation

Komodo dragon as threatened species which enter in the IUCN Red List. The breeding females only 350. While to protect the population some conservation are needed. The conversations in Indonesia called Komodo National Park then the others are the Wae Wuul and Wolo Tado Reserves in Flores.

Facts 8 Komodo Eating Rinca

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 9 : Captive

As long in the wild, it potentially has some diseases because the unstable environment on its live. In order to Indonesia, the other state keep protect the Komodo as the captive, such as the institutions of Australia, European, North American, and African.

Facts about the Komodo Dragon 10 : Popular Culture

The Komodo dragon adapted on some kind of cultures. Which famous and known well such as the Komodo Dragon Expert delivered by Bob and Ray in 1940s. The James Bond’s film, Skyfall, took the actions using the character of Komodo.

Facts 10 Komodo Dragon Sleeps

Those were are interesting facts about the Komodo Dragon which you need to know. Hopefully you will enjoy this interesting facts one so that it will entertain you.



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