Interesting facts about King Cobra

Here I will tell you facts about the King Cobra which probably give you nice information about this animal. The king cobra in Latin Ophiophagus hanna is a kind of snake which is an elapid and most found in forest of India through the Southeast Asia. It as the world’s longest venomous snake. It has length up to 18.5 to 18.8 ft (5.6 to 5.7 m). And these are facts about the King Cobra which need you to know below.

Facts about the King Cobra 1 : Cobra

Though it has name “cobra”, but this snake not become the member of the Naja genus (true cobras). It as the cobra as its common name only, because the specific nearly the same as the other cobras.

Facts about the King Cobra 2 : Preys

This snake usually has the preys around it. The prey which it hunt for feed such as rodents and lizards.

Facts 2 King Cobra

Facts about the King Cobra 3 : Dangerous Snake

The King Cobra set as the dangerous snake and make the fearsome for humans. Though, actually this snake will avoids the humans if it possible.

Facts about the King Cobra 4 : Appearance

The averages of length start from 3 to 4 m (9.8 to 13.1 ft) and the weighs about 6 kg (13 lb). The longest specimen found in London Zoo with length about 18.5 to 18.8 ft (5.6 to 5.7 m). While the heaviest specimen located in Royal Island Club in Singapore at 1951.

Facts 4 Ophiophagus hannah

Facts about the King Cobra 5 : Skin

It has either olive-green, black, or tan. In addition, it has faint, at the length of its body there is pale yellow cross bands. It has creamy or pale yellow belly with the smooth scales.

Facts about the King Cobra 6 : Taxonomy

This species is belongs to the monotypic genus called Ophiophagus. Which also include in the family of Elapidae. It can be distinguished with the other snake because of its size and hood.

Facts 6 Elapidae-Ophiophagus hannah

Facts about the King Cobra 7 : Distributions

The King Cobra distributed into the Indian Subcontinent, the southern parts of East Asia, and in Southeast Asia. While, it also common is Bhutan, Bima, Cambodia, Indonesia, China, Laos, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Facts about the King Cobra 8 : Behavior

It has the chemical information by its forked tongue. The chemicals sent out by picks up particles then transfers it into the special sensory receptor. The receptor located on the roof of its mouth.

Facts 8 Baby King Cobra

Facts about the King Cobra 9 : Diet

This kind of snakes has a diets sometimes by other snakes. It sounds as the snake-eater in between it still eats the lizards, birds, and other reptiles. The snakes which it eats such as small phytons, ratsnakes, and other snakes from the genus Naja.

Facts about the King Cobra 10 : Defense

As usual, the snake will provoked on the thing which this snake thought that it was endangered its life. Though, actually this snake usually attempt to escape when it possible.

Facts 10 King Cobra Head

Those were the interesting facts about the King Cobra which you need to know. Hopefully that facts will give you important information for you to read.


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