Interesting facts about Kangaroos

Interesting facts about Kangaroos

If you love to know more information about the marsupial animals, it is better for you read the whole kangaroo facts below. Kangaroo is an animal which can be found lived in some regions like in Australia and New Guinea. This animal is unique so that it becomes a great symbol of Australia.

1.Species of Kangaroo

Kangaroo has four major species. You may need to see the eastern grey kangaroo, antelope kangaroo, red kangaroo and western grey kangaroo. The largest one found in this world is the red kangaroo.

Kangaroo facts: eastern grey kangaroo

2.Kangaroos’  movement

Kangaroos can move so fast. The power comes from their strong legs. These animals can make a jump up to 3 times of their height. They can also leap by using both legs. This animal cannot walk backwards, but it can swim.

Kangaroo facts: Jumping Kangaroo

  1. Red kangaroo

As I have stated previously based on the kangaroo facts, you may see that the red kangaroo is the largest marsupial animals. The male red kangaroo usually has the height up to 1.8 meter, while the weight can be measured at 84 kilogram.

Kangaroo facts: red kangaroo

4.Symbol of kangaroo

Kangaroo is a very odd, special, and unique animal that you will never see in any other places except Australia and New Guinea. Therefore,  this animal is used as a symbol in the Australian Airline Qantas.

Kangaroo facts: Qantas

5.Group of kangaroo

A group of kangaroo has its own term. In fact, people usually will call it as court, troop, or mob. A group of kangaroo usually consists of 8 up to 25 kangaroos. The leader is a male kangaroo, while the members are the female and young kangaroos.

Kangaroo facts: mob

6.Western kangaroo

The next kangaroo facts talks about the western grey kangaroo. If you come to Australia and find a grayish brown or chocolate brown kangaroo, don’t judge it as the western kangaroo since both western and eastern kangaroo are a bit similar in appearance.

Kangaroo facts: western grey kangaroo

7.Baby kangaroo

A baby of kangaroo is called Joey. The interesting kangaroo facts about this baby can be seen on how kangaroos take her baby. However, they will bring it by placing the baby on the pouch. Since the baby is so thin and small, the mother’s pouch is the safety place until it grows older.

Kangaroo facts: kangaroo with baby

8.Predator of kangaroo

Animals always becoming a part of a food chain anywhere they live including the kangaroos. In fact, some of the predators used to eat these animals include crocodiles and dingoes. However, kangaroos are smart animals. However, they can escape for such dangerous predator by kicking them.

Kangaroo facts: swimming kangaroo

9.Kangaroo’ food

Most kangaroo that you will find in the natural habitat or in the zoo eat grass as the main menu daily.

Kangaroo facts: group of kangaroos

10.Kangaroo’s body

Kangaroo is a marsupial animal. In fact, It is one of the member of Macropodidae family. The leg of this animal is functioned for leaping, jumping and hoping. Finally, you may also see that this animal has a long muscular tail utilized for balancing the movement.


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