Interesting facts about Horses

The horse facts will be advantageous for the people who really love with this animal. Horses are popular to ride especially if you live or have vacation in a farm. You should never underestimate the power of a horse. In ancient time, this is the main transportation used to travel between cities. So, let’s see the horse facts below.

1.Horse Mouth

When human are unable to breathe using their nose, they will automatically breathe through the mouth? You should never think that all of the animals will apply the same condition since horse cannot breathe through mouth. If you have horses, you need to check if their nose is in healthy condition.

Horse facts: Black Horse

2.Arabian Horse

Horses have many variants. One of the interesting variants is the Arabian horse. The physical appearance of such horse is different since the back is shorter compared to the other breeds. Such condition occurs since this horse has one less rib, lumbar bone, and tail vertebrae.

Horse facts: Arabian horse

3.Horsepower Term

If you are an automotive lover, you will be familiar with the term horsepower used to define the level of power production of an engine. This term was firstly introduced by James Watt, a Scottish engineer.

Horse facts: Horse Stallion

4.Horse Mane

This animal has some similarities with human. One of them can be seen on their leg. One leg of the horse is shorter than the other legs.

Horse facts: Nice Horse

  1. Horse Ear

If you want to know where your horse is looking, you may need to scrutinize the direction of the ears. Sometimes the ears of a horse face in two distinguished directions. You do not need to be confused. It means that this horse views two objects at once.

Horse facts: riding horse

6.Strong Horse

A horse is a very strong animal. In the movie, this animal is depicted as a wild horse which can travel from one town to others with limited food and drink. Finally, one of the strong horses that you can count is Akhal-Teke horse.

Horse facts: Unique Horse

7.Horse And Energy Consumption

When men lay down on the sofa, it means that they save the energy and get relax. Such condition is opposed to horses. When they lay down on the grown, they will take much energy than standing up.

Horse facts: Laying Horse

  1. Horse Statue

There is no universal code applied for the artists when they want to make a horse statue. However, most of the horse statues that you may see in the town or museum are picturized with the horse in vertical leg position.

Horse facts: Horse Statue

  1. Horse and Birthday

All of the horses in the world share similar birthday. In fact, the date is at 1st January. Actually Christmas Day is considered as their birthday but the first birthday is the next week of the New Year.

Horse facts: Running Horse

  1. Horse and China

Horses are a favorite animal for some people. The country which has the higher population of horses is China. However, there is no need to wonder if the Chinese people really love to ride a horse to show their affection.


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