Interesting facts about Dolphins


In this post, you will have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge about the bottlenose dolphin facts. Bottlenose dolphin is an animal that will interest you much. It is big and cute to see. You will be impressed when you see such animal making a leap on the surface of the blue ocean.

  1. Scientific name

Bottlenose dolphin just like the other animal in the world has its own scientific name. Can you guess it? It is Tursiops Truncates. Bottlenose dolphin is the most notorious animal since it has great intelligence. The Sea World usually will take this species to be trained for the water show.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: baby bottlenose dolphin

  1. self- protection

Based on the bottlenose dolphin facts, this animal has some methods for self protection. It has great agility on the water. When the predators approach, it will swim in the maximum speed. The cooperation between dolphins is also one way for protecting the species. When there is a predator, a dolphin usually will give a whistling or clicking sound to tell others about the appearance of predators.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: Big dolphin

  1. Bottlenose dolphin population

Based on the bottlenose dolphin facts, I can say that the population of dolphin lives in USA coast well as Gulf Mexico is up to 67,000 dolphins. The population of bottlenose dolphin in the Japanese coast as well as North Pacific Coast is only 35,000.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: bottlenose dolphin in a pool

  1. Respiration

The amount of oxygen taken by the Dolphin’s respiratory system depends on the dolphin’s activity. If the dolphin is in resting condition, it will only inhale 2 or 3 breaths per minute. When the bottlenose dolphin is in exercising condition, it doubles the rate.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: Bottlenose dolphin on Sea

  1. Weight of baby’s bottlenose dolphin

The length of the newly baby born bottlenose dolphin is counted at 42 up to 52 inches. The weight is up to 44 lbs. When the age of the baby reaches 3 or 4 months, it will get the first teeth. The baby will be looked after for about 18 months.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: Bottlenose Dolphins’s leaping

  1. Bottlenose dolphin weight

The adult bottlenose dolphin has different weight and length than those of the baby. The weight usually comes in the rate of 230 kilogram, while the length is measuring of 3.9 meter.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: bottlenose dolphins underwater

  1. Bottlenose dolphin habitat

Even though you can see bottlenose dolphin on the Sea World, you may need to know that this animal has its own natural habitat. The bottlenose dolphin lives in the sea, but it will love to stay in warmer sea. The sub tropical and tropical seas are the perfect choice for the habitat.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: Bottlenose dolphin with calf

  1. Baby dolphin

When you want to call the baby of bottlenose dolphin, you may use the word calf. Calf is born by female bottlenose dolphin in a particular birth period.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: smiling dolphin

  1. The birth of calf

A calf is born in the water. So how could the female do it? She will get a help from the other dolphin. The helper is called as auntie.

Bottlenose dolphin facts: Cute bottle nose dolphin

  1. Bottlenose dolphin diving

The bottlenose dolphin has the ability to dive underwater up to 300 meter. It can do it because the rate of the exchanging gas in the respiratory system is up to 80 per cent. Human being only has 17 per cent exchanging rate.



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