Interesting facts about Dogs

The If you are a dog lover, it is better for you to know much about the dog facts. Dog is a very popular pet in the world. This animal can be the guide for the blind people as well as a friend for your kids. The intelligence of this animal is also wonderful. If you want to know some interesting dog facts, it is better for you to see the list below.

  1. Low light vision

Let’s see the first dog facts related to their vision. If you think that a human being has better low light vision than a dog, you are totally wrong. You need to know that a dog can see the thing well in dark area because the retina of this dog has a particular layer which can reflect the light.

Dog facts: Low light vision

  1. A Dog and guidance

Dog is very functional animal in this world. It is so helpful for the human being in some cases. One of the best examples can be seen on the next dog facts in which a guide dog was found to have led a blind man to pass the Appalachian Trail.

Dog facts: Dog and guidance

  1. Dog’s myth

There are some myths attached to this most popular animal. One of the myths can be seen related to the dog’s vision. Some people will say that a dog is blind to color. But based on the dog facts, it is not true. Dog can see colors, but it is not as clear as human.

Dog facts: Dog’s myth

  1. Dog’s life

What about the life span of a dog? You may need to know that a dog living in the city will gain more ages than those live in the country. There are some health problems which may occur on the dog. The number one problem lies on the obesity.

Dog facts: Dog’s life

  1. smallest dog

The size of the dogs surely will be varied from one breed to the others. if you want ot have the smallest dog ever, it is better for you to have.

Dog facts: mini dog

  1. Funny dog

Dog’s behavior and habit can be a funny activity to watch by the owner. There are some silly things happened because of dog. As an example, you may see Pete, Teddy Roosevelt’s dog had scratched the pants of the French Ambassador during his visit in the White House.

Dog facts: Funny dog

  1. The Dog and human love

Dog is not only functioned as a guardian for the house. Many people who have a dog also consider it as family and friend. This condition can be seen on how Franklin Roosevelt was willingly to spend $15,000 to save his Scottie situated on the Aleutian Islands.

Dog facts: Dog and human love

  1. Dangerous dogs

Let’s see the next dog facts based on the dangerous accident caused by your lovely dog.  Dog is not always a funny and cute animal. Based on the data in 2002, every year 15 US residents passed away because of the dog’s bite.

Dog facts: Dangerous dogs

  1. Dog’s population

Can you tell me the country which has the highest population of dog? It is the United States of America which takes the record. The second position of the highest population holds by the romantic country, France.

Dog facts: Dog’s population

  1. Dog’s ability

As I have stated previously, a dog has some ability based on the breed. If you want to have the fastest dog, it is better for you to get Greyhounds. If you want to have a dog which can swim wonderfully, you may lay your choice on Newfoundland dog.


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