Interesting facts about Crocodile

Broaden your knowledge by reading the crocodile facts below. Crocodile is considered as a very dangerous animal. If you swim in a lake where many crocodiles live, they can eat you. These animals can live in two places, on land and water. If you want to know more about this harmful animal, let’s see the following crocodile facts below.

1.respect on crocodile

You should never underestimate crocodile. Even though this animal is dangerous, the ancient culture considered it as a holy creature. The ancient Egyptian is one of the culture high adored this animal. The totem god of crocodile can be seen on the tribes in New Guinea.

Crocodile facts: baby crocodile

2.ancient crocodile

Based on the research, this animal has been living on earth since 240 million years. The length of this animal in the prehistoric time was only 3 feet or 1 meter. Today, you can see them have longer hind limbs. What an evolution!

Crocodile facts: big crocodile

3.Swimming crocodile

As I have stated before, crocodiles can swim in the water. They are equipped with powerful tail helping them to run on the speed of 25 mph or 40 kmph. This creature can be in the water for about 2 up to 3 hours.

Crocodile facts: chasing chicken

4.cry crocodile tears

If you want to express the fake of sadness, you will always say cry crocodile tears. Some people think that it has nothing to do with crocodile. If you also think like that, you are totally wrong. The crocodiles will wipe while they are feasting the prey.

Crocodile facts: crocodile in water

5.The largest crocodile

The fifth point of the crocodile facts tells you about the largest crocodile in the world. This record is taken by the saltwater crocodile called as Crocodiles porosus. In fact, the length of this animal can reach 23 feet or 7 meter. The weight is 1 ton.

Crocodile facts: eating fish

6.Crocodile skin

The sixth point of the crocodile facts informs about the crocodile skin.Presently,  many people in modern society use it to make bag, purse or even belt. However, in the past, their skin was considered to reflect the high class of the people. Therefore, if you want to buy a purse made by crocodile skin, you should pay for $15,000.

Crocodile facts: funny act

7.mating season

Just like any other animals, crocodile also has its mating season. Accordingly, it is characterized by the aggressiveness of the crocodile in the season.

Crocodile facts: harmful crocodile

8.teeth of crocodile

Crocodile is completed with 24 teeth. They are used to crush. Crocodile will never chew by using the teeth. You need to be careful when this animal opens its jaws. Moreover, the tail is also dangerous.

Crocodile facts: largest crocodile

9.relaxing crocodile

The ninth point of crocodile facts tells you about the relaxing position of crocodile. Every creature in the world has its own way when they want to cool off. Therefore, if you see crocodiles stand still on the river with their mouth widely opened, you do not need to worry for it means that they are relaxing.

Crocodile facts: Nile crocodile

10.egg of crocodile

The female crocodile in a particular season will produce 20 up to 80 eggs. Furthermore, they will be incubated in a particular nest where the female will keep an eye on them for about 3 months.

Crocodile facts: wide mouth

Hopefully you liked reading the facts about Crocodile.


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