Interesting facts about Cats

Below are the cat facts that you should know if you are a fan of a cat. Cats are selected as one of the most favorite pets. The cat facts in the list are interesting to read since you can educate yourself about the unique and special characteristics of an animal. and music

Just like human being, in the first cat facts, you can recognize that a cat really loves to hear some music. Most cats really like fast beat music which can carry energetic feeling to their days. What about the musical instrument? Piano is their favorite. Thus, you may see that some cats are interested to play piano.

Cat facts: cute cat

2.Cat purrs

On the second facts, you need to know that a cat always purrs. The frequency of such activity is measured around 25 up to 150 Hz. In addition, when the cats purr, they will feel some beneficial effect like some bones, muscle, or even tendon relief from any pain.

Cat facts: fat cat

3.Cat and running

Sometimes the behaviors of a cat make us puzzled. If you have cats a home, you may possibly see them running at once. If you think that they are chasing something, that’s totally wrong. The cats do it because they just want to have a little practice for their body.

Cat facts: gray cat

4.Cat’s glowing eyes

In the dark, the eyes of a cat glow. Such condition occurs because there is tapetum lucidum. It is a surface behind the retina which can reflect some light.

Cat facts: silly cat

5.Sleeping cat

Compared to the other pets like dog or rabbit, cats sleep much longer. In a day, they can sleep up to sixteen hours. Such sleeping process is used by the cat to return the energy, fix the skin tissue, and also develop their memory.

Cat facts: Sleeping cat

6.Cat and love catnip

There is no need for you to be afraid when you see that you cat has a love catnip. Some researches state that it is safe. Cat really loves to have it since it contains nepetalactone. Such material can give euphoric effect.

Cat facts: smiling cat

7.Grass eating cat

Cats are known as being a carnivore, but you may need to know that some cats also eat grass for some reasons. Grass can accelerate the digestive system and function as a source of Vitamin. Moreover, it can relieve any vomiting.

Cat facts: cat eating grass

8.Cats and dream

The next cats fact are about the dreams of a cat. Just like human being, cats also experience the same type of dream. They can even chasing and talking when they have a dream. If you do not believe me just try to notice your cat while sleeping.

Cat facts: white cat


If your cat has tapeworm, you may think that garlic is the best solution to go. If you think under the same thought, you should notice that garlic can give ineffective treatment. It is better for the cat owner to contact the veterinarian at once.

Cat facts: white fat cat and body position

A cat has unique bone’s arrangement. The collar bones as well as the backbones are not connected to the joints of the shoulder. As a result when the cats have been fallen, they are still able to bend the body.


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