Interesting facts about Blue Whale

The blue whale facts below offer you with beneficial information about this largest and biggest animal in the world. Blue whale is considered as a scarce animal that you can hardly see on the ocean. Some people consider it as one of the mysterious animals in the world. Meeting blue whale on the sea is such a nightmare because this animal is aggressive and big enough to eat you. Let’s see the blue whale facts for additional information.

1.weight of tongue

The first point of blue whale facts tells us about the tongue of blue whale. The tongue of this animal can reach the weight as much as one big elephant. If this animal opens its mouth, it can eat around 100 people.

blue whale facts: big animal

2.length of blue whale

Blue whale is long enough. If you meet this animal, you will be surprised by the appearance. On average, the body of this water animal can reach the length up to 30 meter or 100 feet. This length is similar with basketball court or even two long buses.

Blue whale facts: blue whale eye

3.Physical Description

Let’s talk about the brief physical description of this animal. When you see the flipper of this animal, you can perceive that it has tapered and short flippers. The length of the head occupies 20 per cent of the body. The surface of the body is smooth enough so that there is no parasite living there.

Blue whale facts: blue whale heart

4.heart of blue whale

The hearth of blue whale is large enough. The weight is measuring 907 kilogram or 2000 pounds. The size is equivalent with the look of a Mini Cooper car. The human being can detect the heart beat of this animal 2 miles away.

Blue whale facts: blue whale with baby

5.largest blue whale

The weight of the large blue whale is totally amazing. It can reach the weight up to 200 tons. Such weight is equivalent with fifteen school buses or eight aircraft. Can you believe it?

Blue whale facts: eating for blue whale

The sixth point of blue whale facts tells us about the food for blue whale. An adult blue whale will love to eat krill as the main menu. In a day, this animal can eat up to four tons of the small shrimplike animals.

Blue whale facts: large blue whale

7.louder sound

When the blue whale swims on the ocean, it can generate louder sound than a jet engine. The jet engine usually has 140 dB, while the sound produced by this animal is 188 dB. This animal can communicate with other whales within the range of 1000 miles.

Blue whale facts: small whale

8.diving blue whale

When blue whales hunt for the food, they will swim on the depth around 330 feet. But this animal has the ability to dive under water into the depth of 1640 feet. This activity can stand for about 10 up to 20 minutes.

Blue whale facts: strong whale

9.Strong swimmer

Blue whale is not only a great diver, but it is also a strong swimmer. The speed of swimming in normal activity is 12 miles per hour. In urgent condition, it can increase the speed up to 30 miles per hour.

Blue whale facts: swimming

10.Social behavior

The last point of blue whale facts tells us about the social behavior for this animal. This animal can live within a group or alone. A largest group of blue whale usually consists of fifty up to sixty whales. This animal can live in any types of oceans across the world.


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