Fascinating facts about the moon

“one small step for man a giant leap for mankind” you must have heard this famous dialogue. It was said by Neil Armstrong while took the first step into the surface of the moon. The moon was formed 4.6 billion years ago and it acts as a natural satellite to earth. Over the year’s scientists have studied about this celestial body and found various observations. It is our curiosity that made us discover a lot about the moon. In fact, in the last century, we were only able to get unclear black and white pictures of the moon. But today we are able to capture the best image possible with the highest amount of details.

Here are some facts about the moon:

  1. The moon is not round:

    Yes, from the beginning of our education. We have been told that Moon is round in shape, but in reality, it’s not. The actual shape of Moon is like an egg. It is more budged in the top and the bottom.

  2. The distance from earth:

    The average distance of the Moon is about 238,750 miles. However, this distance tends to change over time. As with the revolution of the earth the distance may increase or decrease as well. When it is far away the distance is about 363,295 km. While when it is close the distance reaches about 405,503 km.

  3. How it formed:

    Well, there are countless theories about the formation of the moon. Even religious scriptures came up with their own theories. However, most of the modern scientists believe that the Moon was formed by a giant impact of our Earth with Mars. This created the earth and Mars’ surface to shatter into million pieces. Later these pieces got attracted to each other under some magnetic force and gave birth to Moon.

  4. Its size may change over time:

    Well, this is only a visual change. The size of the Moon may change when it is at perigee or apogee. The moon will appear 14% bigger when it is nearer to Earth’s surface. Furthermore, due to this close distance, it also appears brighter to use. The level of reflection increases when it is closer to earth.

  5. The Moon can affect earth by its gravity:

    Yes, just like Earth Moon also has gravitational force. When it gets the closest to earth it can surely affect us. As a matter of fact, Moon can create larger and unstable tide with its gravitational pull. This can lead to some catastrophic natural disaster as well. Moon’s gravitational force makes it’s more unpredictable to predict the upcoming tides.

  6. Its core is lighter than Earth’s core:

    Well, this is a natural fact considering that our Earth has more area than Moon. If we compare this proportionally than the Moon’s core is significantly lighter than Earth’s core. Scientists have predicted that Moon’s core is about 2-4 percent of its entire mass. On the other hand, Earth’s core is about 30 percent of its entire mass.

  7. Extreme temperatures:

    The weather on the Moon can change with a blink of an eye. In fact, there’s no atmosphere on the surface of Moon. As the celestial body exists in a state of vacuum. Scientists say that the temperatures may range from -200 degree Fahrenheit to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is really astonishing that how the astronauts managed to put a man on the surface of the Moon in the 60s.

  8. Earth’s gravitational pulls effect Moon:

    Just like Moon’s gravitational force Earth’s stronger gravitational pull affects the surface of the moon as well. Moreover, Scientists say that Moon has many quakes under its surface due to Earth’s strong gravitational pull.

  9. The small diameter of Moon:

    Moon is quite small as compared with Earth. But did you know that the Moon has a diameter of 2,159 miles, which is four times less than our Earth.

  10. Earth’s rotation is controlled by the Moon:

    Over time Moon has managed to slow down our Earth’s rotation speed. A long time ago days were shorter as the rotation speed was much higher. Moon’s gravity has slowed down the rotation speed of our Earth.

  11. We have the moon on Earth:

    The crew of Apollo mission successfully excavated 385 Kgs of the Moon back to Earth. However, this was done to study properties of Moon.

  12. Sun and Moon are of the same size:

    Well, I don’t mean the actual size, but their appearance. From Earth, both the Moon and the Sun would appear of the same size. This is due to the fact that the Sun is 400 times bigger than the Moon. But, the Moon is 400 times closer to Earth. This interesting equation balances off their size and makes them appear the same.

  13. The Moon’s interesting surface:

    Moon’s surface is covered with powdered and crushed rocks. As Moon faces a various bombardment of tiny rocks and asteroids over the year.

  14. Your footprints will last for million years:

    Yes, our footprints can literally last for millions of years. This is because Moon has no wind or water which could destroy our foot print. As a matter of fact, scientists often say that the footprint of Neil Armstrong is still there.

  15. Lunar Eclipse lasts longer:

    A solar eclipse may last long but a lunar eclipse lasts even longer. This is due to the fact that Earth’s shadow stays for a long time. And we know that in the event of a lunar eclipse our Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon.

  16. Moon have longer days:

    On average a day on Moon lasts for 29 earth days. This happens because both rotation and revolution are slower in Moon.

  17. No twilight:

    The Moon never experiences a twilight like our Earth. This is due to the fact that Moon has no atmosphere.

  18. Ancient Chinese believe:

    In the ancient days, the Chinese used to make loud noised during the event of a solar eclipse. They thought that the sun was swallowed by an enormous dragon and their noises would scare the dragon away.

  19. Thomas Harriot:

    He was the first astronomer who drew a proper map of the Moon after observing through a telescope.

  20. Moon is so light:

    Yes, you can say it by observing its size. In fact, scientists have estimated that Moon is about 81 lighter than our Earth.

  21. The oldest lunar map:

    Archaeologists have found 5,000 years old lunar map, which was carved into a rock in an ancient tomb at Ireland. It is believed that it is the oldest known map of the Moon. In fact, before the discovery of this ancient map, the one drawn of Leonardo da Vinci was considered to be the oldest one.

  22. The Russians reached first:

    The Soviet space program launched the Luna 2 which became the first probe to touch the Moon’s surface. Before this Soviet Union failed to reach the moon by just 3000 miles (which is quite less in space terms). The Soviet Union took lessons from the crash of Luna 1 and made it successful by Luna 2.

  23. The Soviet Luna 9:

    It was the first probe which made a proper soft landing on the surface of Moon. Before this, the Soviet scientists were worried that their probes will sink into the surface of the moon.

  24. First and the last person to stand on the moon:

    Neil Armstrong was the first human to put steps on the surface of the Moon on July 20, 1969. And Eugene Cernan was the last to step on the moon in 1972.

  25. Moon orbit:

    The Moon has an orbit length of about 27.3 Earth days. This further explains the theory of full moon and half-moon.

  26. The dark side of the moon:

    We tend to believe that we only see one of the Moon. And believe that the other unseen part is the dark side of the moon. But it is very big myth or hoax as the Moon also rotates on its own axis just like Earth. So we get to see the other part of the Moon as well.

  27. Moon has gravity but lower than Earth:

    You must have seen some footage where an astronaut is able to jump high on the surface of the moon. This is due to fact that Moon has only one sixth of Earth’s gravitational pull.

  28. Earth remains stationary:

    If someone spends some time on Moon then they will notice that our Earth never moves from their perspective.

  29. Only American set foot on Moon:

    Over the 50 years of space age technology, only 12 people have managed to set foot on the Moon. And this fact is even interesting when you come to know that all of them were American males.

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