iPhone 7 and 7Plus: The next big thing?

In 2007, Steve Jobs created history by launching the original iPhone into the market. In only a few days it became the next big thing in the market. As a result, everyone wanted to have one without even looking at the specs or features. At that time there was no other competitor in the market that boasted the term smart phone. Apple is responsible for creating the smartphone trend. Today also their legacy remains undefeated with Samsung as the only true competitor.

If you give someone the money and ask them to go and buy a high-end smartphone then the majority will end in buying the latest iPhone. Apple’s devices have become the part of our culture. This year they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary for the legendary iPhone. The iPhone 7 and 7plus both are the next big thing in the market. They define the best piece of hardware that money could possibly buy.


The iPhone 7 retains the same design language as the previous generation of iPhone. You will notice some little differences but most of the key element remains the same. However, Apple has completely redesigned the home button. Now you get a capacitive home button instead of the classic button that you need to press. The removal of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack is the biggest shock in the design language. Instead, you need to carry an adapter that will go on to the lightning connector.

Apple is trying to focus more on wireless technology that’s why they have removed the headphone jack. Furthermore, they have also introduced the new wireless ear pods. And for the first time, they have managed to introduce water resistance into their device. Now you are getting an IP67 rating, which ensures that your device is dust tight and can survive 1-meter water immersion. Conclusively, we can say that Apple again managed to withstand with their legacy of industrial grade design. But they have only implemented their old design without creating any innovation. Except for the removal of headphone jack which could be a huge bummer for some customers.


 Apple is the only company that isn’t into the megapixel war. But still this time they have introduced dual cameras on the 7 plus (12MP). Both the new devices support optical image stabilization for more stability while shooting. And they perform exceptionally well both in daylight and low light conditions. The dual camera setup on the 7plus further enhances the quality and viewpoint of the pictures. As a result, images taken from the camera remains crisp and clear. Without any noise level. For most users, the camera on the iPhone 7 will do the job. However, the camera on the iPhone 7plus creates more possibilities. Presently, the only contender to the superiority of iPhone’s camera is the Galaxy S8. That too for its manual controls. You will be really happy with the camera upgrades that Apple made with their new iPhone.


Apple always boasted their retina display to be the perfect companion to your eyes. They always say that human eye could only see about 326ppi. That’s why they always try to maintain their screen resolution accordingly. Where as competitors like Galaxy series always go for higher and higher resolution in their devices. Instead of opting for AMOLED panels this time also Apple equipped with LCD panels into their devices. The iPhone 7 has got a resolution of 1334×750. And iPhone has got 1920×1080. Which falls short of any other Android competitor at this price range.

But don’t fall under this illusion of more pixels. As you won’t be able to notice any difference once the pixel density goes over 326ppi. However, having an LCD panel in 2017 is a complete disappointed. They could have opted for a superior AMOLED panel in their device. AMOLED technology is known for providing vivid colors and better battery performance. Experts are expecting that in their 10th anniversary they might come up with the new iPhone equipped with AMOLED panel.


Well, Apple is not very famous for providing some class leading battery life. They always had mediocre battery life in their iPhone division. To reduce the weight and make their device slimmer they often opted for smaller capacities.The new iPhone 7 has a 1960mAh capacity. While their iPhone 7 plus has got a 2900mAh capacity. However, to maintain a good battery life their devices has got energy efficient displays with lower screen resolutions. In addition to that, their devices have better software optimization than their Android counterparts.


Presently, Apple is featuring iOS 10.2 in their devices. Which is excellent in my opinion. Apple has managed to optimize their OS well for all of their devices. They also promise timely future updates to their users. The software is the department where Apple has always outshined Android. Their OS still remains highly optimized with most of the apps in the market. Moreover, most of the app developers target iOS as their primary customers. So you get better support in this eco system.


 Again iPhone 7 has managed to retain Apple’s legacy in the smartphone market. The company has equipped the latest A10 chipset into their device. Despite being a quad-core chip the phone can easily outperform any other Android competitor in the market. in the previous models, they included a dual core processor while this time they have included a faster quad-core processor. Furthermore, the graphics performance is backed up by a strong unit. All the apps and games run absolutely fine. You cannot expect any kind of lag or hiccups into the raw performance of the device.

In conclusion: 

The iPhone 7 remains a solid contender to any Android smartphone in the market. The dual camera setup is really something new to the iOS devices. In competition, only the Galaxy flagships can match the quality and performance of the new iPhone. However, we can say that the company is really preparing for something new for their upcoming anniversary of the original iPhone. So you can wait for the new launch in September or you buy the current iPhone straight away.

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