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3 Tips for Turning Your Property into Rental

There are many reasons behind one thinking of utilizing his property as a rental. One of the most common reasons is that the residential property might be on the marketing for a long period of time and it’s not being sold due to some reason.

Sharjah is that the third largest emirate with total acreage around a pair of,600 sq kilometre with numerous geographic. This emirate knowledgeable real progress throughout fundamental measure of H.H.Sheikh ruler bin Mahound Al Qassimi. the invention of Mubarak oil field close to island of Abu genus Musa in 1971 conjointly vie nice role current and development of this emirate. nowadays Sharjah is understood as cultural and sports capital of UAE. it’s conjointly world noted for its cricket stadiums and thrilling in the future international cricket matches. thanks to low rate and glorious accommodation facilities this town has created it world celebrated and has drawn attention of sports lover across the world.

Until and unless you can’t sell a property at the value that allows you to break even, it’s better to go for another alternative to make money out of it. How about supplementing your income as a landlord? Not bad actually. In that case you need to consider a few effective tips first. So let’s dig in;


Even though you have the homeowner’s insurance, but still it won’t really won’t be enough if you are taking your home as a rental property. When your property is out in the market for the rental, anytime you can has people as paying guests. At that very moment, you need to take some responsibility for their security as the landlord. In that case, there are many questions you must ask yourself like;

Is there are gas leakage that might cause an explosion?

What if the tree falls on home and might injure the tenants?

Just like that, there are many what’s, when’s and why’s you must think of.

Not to mention, what if you bought that property especially to rent out and earn from it? But that tree fell so bad that the house turned into a terrible place that’s not even eligible to rent out. Therefore, you need to have insurance for all of that before you take your property to market for the rental purpose as suggested by the real estate companies in Sharjah.

How About Permits?

There is no milestone set for the permits regarding rental properties. But if it’s the residential property that has to serve as the rental one, then the permit would be required. Obviously, the requirements would vary by locality. Ironically, the purpose of this permit is actually safety oriented. In that case, the office from the local government usually inspects the house especially for various safety hazards that include; heating, electrical, adequate exit along with other safety and health concerns. Well these permits aren’t really expensive but extremely important. So just make sure you have one before you plan to rent out your residential property.

What You Should Charge?

First of all you need to list all your costs and what exact amount you would like to see as your monthly profit. There is one mistake that many homeowners, they usually forget to add into their costs a premium for any repairs they might stumble upon during the lease. Make sure you won’t go wrong at in that step. When we talk about the rental rates, make sure you check the rental rates in that area as it will give you a better idea of what rates you should come up with. As per the real estate companies in Sharjah, it also give you the knowhow of how competitive your rates will be to others.


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