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Misconceptions about the villages in India


Life in a village is ideal. Our villages are no longer dirty and dusty. They are highly clean and tidy. They are disease free. There the climate is quite congenial and lively. The village people are well educated. They understand each and everything. They are now no more backward.

Village life:

One lives in the lap of nature in a village. There are open fields, wells, and tube wells too. The canal flows through the village or around the village. People are happy and gay. They have plenty of livestock, such as buffalos, cows, bullocks, camels, goats, and sheep. In addition, they grace them, they milk them. They use the bullocks in the plowing of the field. And they raise fences around the fields. Furthermore, they sow seeds, plants, nursery. Their crops are tall and high. They reap the golden harvests. The thrash out corn. They are growers of country’s food grain.

They have plenty enough and to spare. As they eat themselves and feed the 80 crores population of India. A visit to a village is worthwhile and worth enjoying. We cannot imagine the real village life until we go there in person. As a matter fact, We live with these simple folks. We sing with them; we dance with their children. Furthermore, We go deep into their day to day joys and sorrows. We will find that they are natured, we mannered and extremely well behaved. They are not quarrelsome either. They are liberal and broad minded. These simple folks forgive and forget the bad things of the city bred people.


A village is lined with trees and gardens. The village temple or the mosque is busy in worshiping god or Allah. Accordingly, there are the people mind their own business. They are not showy. And they are greatly unpretentious (not given to outward showiness). They do not breed contempt. Therefore, most of them do not indulge in drinking, gambling, and litigation. Furthermore, they have their own Gram Panchayat. They settle their petty cases with ease and love.

If you ever happen to go to an Indian village, you will taste the simplicity of life in abundance there. As a matter of fact, You will like to be one with these god-fearing people.

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