Polythene bags: A health hazard to everyone


India is a developing country. It faces many problems like terrorism, unemployment, AIDS, pollution etc. These days’ pollution is the biggest menacing factor to the mankind. Pollution is mainly categorized into three parts- Air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Nowadays among the three land pollution hazardous.

How they came into existence?

In the past, plastics and its items were considered boon for the people. First toys were made of plastic, then utensils, then machine parts and lastly polythene bags. Each and every shop, big or small, was considered useless if it had no polythene bags. It was no doubt easy to carry in this polythene bags. Maybe raw or cooked, everything was packed in polythene bags. We could see polythene bags every way, on the roadside, garden, drains, etc. There was no end to these bags.

The problems we are facing:

People packed their waste food in these bags and started feeding the animals. Slowly the poison of these bags started to spill. The government realized that polythene bags were the biggest problem on the earth. The polythene bags and non-biodegradable, i.e. they cannot be decomposed by microorganisms into manure. They remain as it is even after many years. Animals who started eating waste food along with these polythene bags ultimately started dying because their internal system was getting blocked. During the rainy season, drains started getting blocked and overflowed because of these polythene bags. The government had no alternative but to ban the use of polythene bags.

First, the city Haridwar banned the use of polythene bags than some states in India also banned the use of these bags. In 2009, the government of Delhi also banned the use of these bags. It is not only the duty of the government to look into this matter but it is also the duty of each and every individual to see that we don’t use these bags. By using these bags will not only harm the environment but ourselves also. Thus, say “No plastic bags”.

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