India VS China: Rising tension


If you took a glance at the news in the recent days then you might have heard about the rising conflict between China and Inda. The problems are rising rapidly without any diplomatic solutions from any side yet. Both the countries are facing a nuclear threat from each other. Presently, there is a constant tension over maintaining territorial sanctity near the Doka La plateau. Each and every day China is showing off its power over the borders. As a matter of fact, both the countries have strained relationships over Tibet from the past decades. Both the countries are continuously testing their weaponry and vehicles. Recently, China has tested their light battle tank. Let’s investigate the raw arsenal capacity of both of the nations.


Currently, China is the largest populated country in the world. For this reason, they also have the largest standing army as well. With a whopping 1.6 million ready to deploy troops they are quite ahead in the game. While India also has a respectable 1.3 million soldiers in its arsenal.


In raw figures, China has 6,457 tanks for combat while India has 4,426. Both of the countries features Armoured Fighting Vehicles. In this case, India has won, as the country boasts 6,704 AFVs. Furthermore: they have also got self-propelled artillery, which is easy to build anywhere. India has got 74,14 which ahead of their Chinese counter parts (6,246 units).

The Air Force: 

 Unfortunately, this department is outshined by the dragons (China). As they have over 1,271 super fast air craft compared with 676 Indian aircraft. We should consider the fact that air transport gives us more mobility. We can move our troops into some of the most remote locations. This mobility factor is further increased by the introduction of Helicopters. As they don’t need long runways to take off which takes a lot of space, to begin with. The major outbreak in the Helicopter market came after the Second World War. The major armed forces of the world realized the need for quicker mobility and better efficiency. Presently, China has over 1,100 helicopters. Out of which 206 are meant for an attack. While on the other hand, India has got 666 helicopters in total. Out of which only 16 are meant for an attack. However, India has got Tejas Light Combat Aircraft with superior technology.


You must be well aware that both the countries are sharing some water bodies (rivers and seas). Therefore, a strong naval force plays a crucial role in defending the frontiers. Sadly, though China has over 286 combat warships with high tech facilities. Which is more than four times of the Indian counter parts (66). However, India is one of the first Asian nation to acquire an aircraft carrier into its arsenal. China is also catching up, they have planned to acquire advanced aircraft carrier by the end of this year. China has planned to cruise through the South China Sea.

The Indian navy is also beefing up their firepower and infrastructure. As Indian Navy planned to construct INS Vishal to face the notorious Chinese counterparts. It is said that the new Vishal will have more firepower and more capacity than the current Vikramaditya and Vikrant. Furthermore, India has successfully managed to collaborate with the major powerful countries like the US and Russia. The US has promised to provide “electromagnetic aircraft launch system” for the upcoming aircraft carrier.


There’s no doubt after reading this list that China has more firepower and better technology than India. As a matter of fact, China is self-sufficient in every manner. However, India still remains the largest weapon importer instead of manufacturing them in their own country. And India is still using weaponry and equipment from the pre-soviet era. However, with initiatives like the ‘Make in India’ campaign, there’s some hope left.

And even if India lacks behind in the raw power sheet. India still has more experience in the real battlefield than China. As India has faced multiple wars with the neighboring countries of Pakistan and West Pakistan (Bangladesh). On the other hand, China has only maintained diplomatic relations with its enemies. China has only tested their weapons on the testing grounds instead of using them on the real battlefield. Moreover, India has got the advantage of the good relationship with many superpower nations like Russia, U.S.A., Japan, Israel, UK etc.

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