India; the third largest beef exporter; an ironic movement

If you happen to live in India then you must be aware of the holy value cow. According to the popular Hindu beliefs, the cow is the most sacred animal in the world. If we start considering the scientific reason behind this belief then we might find many reasons. Firstly, Cow milk is the healthiest and most readily available form of milk. A cow produces more milk than any other animal in the animal kingdom. Secondly, cow’s urine has various proven medical uses. The cow also helps in the agricultural sector of India. Big milk giants like Amul have established themselves as a leading milk producer in India by the help of cows.

The present scenario:

However, in the recent years, the movement towards the preservation of cows have taken a violent state. The so-called GaoRakshaks are responsible for several genocides and crime in the name of saving a cow. Instead of saving the cow they are just acting like a bunch of hooligans and looting people of their belongings. They blindly accuse anyone of eating beef and confiscate their cattle from them. Various extremist Hindu organization have supported this movement. But you will be shocked to know that in present date India ranks 3rd as largest beef exporter in the world. Experts have commented that this spot is very unlikely to go down over the next decade.

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) released a report that suggests that India exported over 1.56 million tonnes of beef in 2016 alone. This is very ironic fact that on one hand, India is prohibiting the consumption of beef in their land. While on the other hand, they are exporting it without any condition. Many famous economists are suggesting that the export of beef has gradually benefited the economy of India. But is this hypocrisy justified?


One can easily argue that in the name of religion the government is playing some dirty politics. However, the supporters of the extremist groups often say that the exported meat is not cow meat instead it’s buffalo meat. Though the International reports tell us the other story. One might argue that Buffalo has less value than Cow? Presently Brazil remains the number one exporter of beef. But it is possible that soon India will replace this place. The export of beef got further increase after the ban in some states of India. As all the unconsumed beef got imported out of the country.

People are living under the blind faith of their religion. They are not aware of the real happening around them. However, if we talk some real sense then you should know that we cannot enforce or change someone’s eating habit. (until and unless he’s a cannibal). We must respect their eating habit no matter what conditions are. A man is primarily an omnivore, he meant to eat herbs as well as meat. So we cannot disturb the balance of nature. While if someone is religious then we must respect their beliefs by not doing the specific deed in front of them.

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