What Happens To Your Body When You Throw Up?

After drinking alcohol or eating dirty food, you throw up. Have you ever wondered “What happens to your body when you throw up?”? Let’s see the reasons of vomiting, “what happens to your body when you throw up?” and good advice for you.

The reasons for throwing up


Chemotherapy uses to treat cancers. However, it has some side effects. Throwing up is one of the side effects of chemotherapy. The time of chemotherapy will depend on your doctor. When you are receiving chemotherapy, you may take some medicines to detoxicate your body.

General anesthesia

After general anesthesia, you can feel nausea and vomiting. The general anesthesia helps to reduce pain in surgery. General anesthesia is safe except some side effects. You should prepare yourself for getting general anesthesia.

Intestinal obstruction

In this case, your food stuck in your intestinal. Many reasons can lead to an intestinal obstruction such as infection, cancer or abdominal surgery. The food can’t go through your intestinal so that it may go back up and you can get throwing up.

Morning sickness

In the first trimester, the pregnancy may feel nausea and want to vomit. This is a universal sign when the woman is pregnant. In this phase of pregnancy, you shouldn’t eat or expose with the heavy smell food.

Food poisoning

When you eat contaminated food, the bacteria can irritate your digestive system. The symptoms of food poisoning contain vomiting and nausea. You may feel nausea and abdominal pain after eating about three hours.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol is a common reason for vomiting. After a wine party with your friend, you may throw up all the food and fluid in your stomach. In some case, throwing up can make you feel better because you kick off all alcohol in your belly.

Bad smell

Have you ever smell something and want to vomit? The smell of a dead body or a stool can cause reflex of throwing up. Besides, some scents are good with other people, but you still vomit when you smell it.

What happens to your body when you throw up?

You may vomit several times. You feel tired, pain and thirsty.  You will know clearly “what happens to your body when you throw up?”.

Your whole body feels tired

After vomiting, you are exhausted. The irritation and the pain bother you. Your stomach, esophagus, and pharynx muscle contract to push the food and the fluid from the stomach to outside. The muscle contraction burns your energy. You will feel weakness and fatigue.

Hot throat

Throwing up go with pain and sore throat. After a vomit, you may feel burning in your throat and want to drink water. When throwing up, the acid in your stomach can go through the throat so that your throat will feel hot.

Your saliva gland

Throwing up makes your mouth has digestive acid. Thus, your saliva will release to dilute the acid because the saliva fluid is alkaline.

Your diaphragm

The vomiting needs the coordinate of pharynx, esophagus, and stomach muscle. Thus, when you are throwing up your diaphragm will contract together with the stomach.

The airway and glottis

The airway will close to avoid the food come in the lung. Thus, your glottis will close as well. In some case, the airway cannot seal by the unconsciousness; the food and fluid go into the lung. It leads to a dangerous situation. We need to treat immediately.

Your abdomen muscle

Your belly will contract to force the food back up. It will contract maximum when the food is coming out. It will coordinate with your diaphragm.

Your body is dehydrated

The vomiting products have the food and water. Thus, throwing up can make your body losing water and the electrolytes.

There are seven main answers to the question “What happens to your body when you throw up?”. Throwing also affects other parts of your body like hair, breathing and heart rate.

Caring yourself about after throwing up

After throwing up, you don’t know what should and shouldn’t do. Here are some tips:

Avoiding the hard and allergic food

You should avoid the hard food and the allergic food. Your digestive system needs time to recover. The hard food is difficult to digest such as fatty food and spicy food. The allergic food can irritate and make you throw again. Milk and dairy products are the things you shouldn’t eat because they are easy to allergy the stomach.

Avoiding alcohol

As you know, the alcohol is a common reason for throwing up. Thus, you shouldn’t drink it. In general, alcohol is not good for your health. It affects your mental condition and all the body.

Avoiding smoking

Smoking stimulates the stomach release acid. Your belly is empty; the more production of acid make you feel uncomfortable. If you have gastritis, it can cause acute pain.


Throwing up cause fatigue and losing energy. Thus, you should let yourself rest after vomiting. A nap will make you better. Let your body recover.

Take more water and fluid

The dehydration can present because the water and electrolytes lost through the vomiting fluid. You should take more water two to three liters per day. You can choose juice to provide the electrolytes and vitamins. A glass of apple juice can boost your mood and your condition immediately.

Eating soft food

The soft food is easy to digest and absorb. You don’t want your digestive system do more job after a terrible event. A bowl of rice soup can ease the uncomfortable feeling and provide you energy.

To sum up, now you know what happens to your body when you are throwing and what you should do after that. Throwing up is horrible, but I hope that if you must go through it, you will get it easier.

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