Vegetarianism: A new healthy lifestyle

From the beginning of mankind, we have been hunting and eating meat. In fact, meat has been the major part of our diet. But things have changed and we are not living in the primitive ages. Farming of crops has changed the global diet and eating habits. Now with the help of modern farming, we can easily grow some crops in our land. If you adopt a vegetarian diet, then you could really help the environment and your individual health. And you also be saving innocent animals from slaughtering.

So here are the top reasons to become a vegetarian:

  1. Reduced risk of heart diseases:

    It is a well-acknowledged fact that nonvegetarian diets mostly consist of high levels of cholesterol and unhealthy fats. And cholesterol is the prime reason behind every heart disease. Over time our heart tends to grow a layer of fats if we continue to consume meat on a regular basis. This creates more pressure and stress over the functioning of the heart. Experts say that Vegetarian have 24 percent lower risk of getting heart diseases than the nonvegetarian people. Furthermore, vegetarian diets usually have low-fat content which makes them more suitable for our stomach. The unhealthy saturated fat also plays a huge role in the emergence of heart diseases.

  2. Less risk of cancer:

    This point is completely valid with processed meat instead of raw meat. The consumption of processed meat is often associated with colorectal cancer. And over the years the manufacturing process of the meat industry have seen some unethical process as well. The processed meat often contains harmful chemical for our health. On the other hand, veggies are generally fresh and healthy for our body. People often consider “Red meat” as the prime reason behind cancer.

  3. It causes weight gain:

    You must be told that meat is a really nice source of protein. And protein is the keystone to build muscle mass. But do you know that along with protein meat also contains high levels of fat? This is why vegetarian often have lower body mass index as compared with the non-vegetarian folks. The non-vegetarian diet often leads to unwanted weight gain among the people. And staying slim and healthy is the most desirable thing by anyone. Vegetarian food is often vitamin rich instead of protein or fat rich. The vitamins help us to retain a healthy body.

  4. Non-vegetarian diet causes faster aging:

    You should know that most of the nonvegetarian diet only contains protein and fat. And digesting them takes real effort by our delicate stomach. While on the other hand, all the plant-based diets are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. They are responsible for strengthening our immunity system and slowing down the aging process. Furthermore, vegetarian diets are also helpful in maintaining a healthy skin. Every vegetarian diet ensures less stress in the digestion process, unlike their non-vegetarian counterparts. This ultimately gives vegetarian people a longer life span.

  5. Non-Veg products are risky to toxic:

    You must have heard that worms are found in an international Chicken restaurant. Yes, it is quite common for the non-veg products to get contaminated by pests or parasites. The fatty flesh of the animals is the home to millions of bacteria and viruses. The packed non-veg food that you consider to be clean is already infested with millions of life forms. And in extreme cases, worms and other insects make their home in the meat products. Furthermore, meat based products tend to rot faster than the veg products if not preserved properly.

  6. You can reduce Global Warming:

    Well, this point is valid in a large scenario. Even the United Nation agrees that the production of meat products generates more green house gases. While manufacturing plant based products is much simpler and less expensive in a long run. The manufacturing process usually emits high amounts of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. These gases are directly responsible for increasing the global temperature. So, if you care about our environment than switching to a vegetarian diet may help.

  7. A vegetarian diet is more economical:

    Non-vegetarian diet is not only unhealthy for us but also harmful to our nation’s economy as well. The production costs are usually high with non-veg products and some prices may even touch the sky. Moreover, the costs of illness related to non-veg products further increase their price. The healthcare costs are directly related to the production meat and its consumption. We should know that diet related diseases are costly and preventable.

  8. You can end the world:

    This point applies to a larger sense. To produce more meat, the producers breed more and more. And to satisfy the hunger of the animals they have to feed them food grains as an input. Today over 40 percent of food grain is used to feed livestock. It is quite disturbing to know that we are still doing this when some countries are facing chronic hunger. Instead of breeding and feeding these animals we could easily end the world hunger. And if the food grains are used properly then would able to support 4 billion additional people.

  9. The compassion factor:

    No matter how much you deny to adopt vegetarianism. But in the end of the day, you are killing animals just to feed yourself. In the pre-historic days killing of animals could be justified but in the modern times, it can’t be justified. We are efficient enough to manufacture and farm vegetarian products to extinguish our hunger. But we are doing the exact opposite thing. Instead of stopping the mass murder we are killing more and more. We, humans, are really hypocrite when we condemn the killing dogs by the Chinese while enjoying chicken legs. Instead of protecting the animals we are just exploiting them just for the sake of taste.

  10. Huge diversity in vegetarian food:

    You might argue that non-veg products are tastier. But to be fair there is less variety in non-veg products. As we only eat certain animals (chicken, beef, turkey etc). But in Vegetarian meals, you can select from the plethora of products. There are over thousands of plant based products in the market.

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