All that you need to know about boots

We all love shoes! And when it comes to the winter months, we cannot think of even steeping out of the house without boots. Stylish and fashionable these shoes will definitely notch up the heat by a few degrees. Whether you go for short dresses or long over coats, boots are the perfect accessory to add a different touch to your entire look.

We love these beauties but if we knew a few essential facts about these it would be much easier for us to buy them and make sure that we get the right pair for ourselves. How often have you complained of foot aches due to cramped up boots? Well, then take a look at these few facts and the next time you go shopping for your boots you will definitely end up making the perfect buy:

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  • The first step is to know your boot. There are three essential parts of a boot. That you need to keep in mind- the boot shaft, circumference and shaft height. The portion of the boot that covers your leg and your ankle is known as the boot shaft. If you measure the widest part of your boot shaft, you will get the circumference. If you measure it from inside, from the top of the shaft to the sole of the boot you will get the shaft height. It is important to know these terms because if you decide to buy V 1969 online then you can make sure that you get the right measurements and make the perfect buy.
  • If you want to avoid the pain of placing tight boots inside your legs, then go for that have goring. Goring is basically elastic panels and these are built inside the boots. It makes the boots more stretchable, much like elastic pants and hence makes it much easier to fit into them.
  • If you love to wear pull on boots, because let’s admit it, these come in some of the best styles, make sure that they are a perfect fit. In fact in case of pull on boots, goring would work really well. It is better to try on pull on boots before buying them and hence refrain from buying them online.
  • Talk about style, then the first boot that comes into one’s mind is zipper boots. If you are looking for really cool high heeled zipper boots, then try out the V 1969 online shop. When buying these, take note of the length of the zipper. Always remember the longer the zipper is the easier is it to wear the boot. In fact, zippers not just on the sides but also on the backs, makes the boot more comfortable to wear.
  • If the men out there are looking for really comfortable boots, then lace up are the perfect fit. They are just like wearing a shoe, except that when you wear them they look like boots. These are the perfect 2 in 1 treats!

Keep these pointers in mind since they will definitely come in handy the next time you want to shop for a pair of boots.

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