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Most of us work in offices.  Those of you that do not, I’m sure I have a different blog post that would be interesting to you.  For those of you that do work in offices and especially those that are about to work in new offices, I give to you 10 things you should bring in with you.  This is besides your own mug of course which everyone brings, and those pens and pencils that the office provides.

  • small tool kit:

    The more offices I’ve been to, the more technical the offices have become.  If you carry a small tool kit with you, you can suddenly save the day in any number of ways.  Many people often need something to get the job done.  There you will be with just the thing!  Of course you will need to keep track of your tools because I promise they will tend to walk away.  The best way to keep track of them is to take a picture of the person borrowing the tool with your camera.  Delete it when they bring it back.

  • knife, fork spoon:

    I’m here to work not to feast Shayan!  Yes of course you are.  More and more offices are asking their employees to work overtime hours.  In a small way to say thanks, they will offer you food from one of the local eateries that have sprung up there precisely because the business are there and often they will be open 24 hours.  I wonder why?…hmmm… anyway,  you get that great deli food and everything looks terrific except for the crappy plastic cutlery that doesn’t belong at a child’s tea party.  Teeny little forks and spoons.  Sometimes the spoons are sharper than the little knives they provide.  Well, you bring your own cutlery and you will be the envy of the office!  Many people will ask you where the knives and forks are.  The proper answer is, “If they are like mine, they are in your desk drawer”.

  • Tissues / wetwipes:

    Many companies do not supply their own tissues.  That’s expensive you know.  Women will often bring a box of tissues because of the constant uncontrollable weeping involved in the day to day office work.  Men, on the other hand, will rarely come prepared for such malaise and will instead spend extended time in the bathroom wondering how well the wireless connection will penetrate the walls of the men’s bathroom.   For a couple of bucks you can bring your own tissues.  Just be aware that other people will constantly ask you for a tissue or maybe not even ask and just assume the company provided it.  Along with this, you could consider wet wipes.  The tissue’s stronger big brother.  Random stains that show up from time to time at your cube that you would like to get rid of without using the ‘spit shine’ method or even to wash your hands when you happen to run into that broken pen or highlighter.  Once again, very handy when you need it.

  • Hand lotion:

    Once again what seems to be the purview of women in the workplace is something you won’t mind having if you’re a guy.  Modern office buildings are hermetically sealed business compartments.  The conditioned air is often devoid of moisture and your skin will really wonder why you hate it.  One bottle of good lotion will run a couple of bucks and last your well over a year.  Once again, people will want to ‘borrow’ a squirt of lotion.  You can smartly inform them that you really don’t want it back.

  • First Aid Kit:

    For what?  A paper cut?  Actually yes.  A small first aid kit stocked with bandages some antibiotic ointment and maybe even some aspirin will be very handy if needed and the contents will never spoil.  one good paper cut, bad headache, or scrape and you will be glad you’ve got it.  Just because you work in a cube jungle doesn’t mean you have to be a business savage.

  • Change of clothes:

    What a full change?  Whatever for?  Well, you may want to just wander around with that big spilled soft drink on your shirt all day, or that large farewell cake on your pants.  But you can avoid all of that by just keeping a simple change of clothes there at the office.  Also under this category might be a sweater.  More of these office buildings are made of large windows.  This is nice to look out of but murder to regulate and if winter finds it’s frosty way to your workplace you will probably find yourself in a climate akin to a meat locker from time to time.  If you can get one of those air tight bags that’s good too.  You don’t want your clothes getting in the way or getting dusty.  The sweater will help.  This will be one of the few times that change is actually good.

  • Roll of Duct Tape:

    Don’t they provide tape??  Yes, the office will provide standard transparent tape.  Interesting thing about office tape is it’s designed to fasten paper to other paper.  Kind of like post it notes.  Sometimes you want to fasten things a little more securely.  There are times when the cubicle you are given will be used.  very used.  So used that you wonder if butchers actually use cubicle systems in the rendering of their animal carcasses.  As such, the cubes may have some rough edges that you keep snagging into.  Duct Tape to the Rescue!  Once you have it at the office, it becomes pretty handy.  Just like at home!

  • Finger nail clippers:

    Yes, you could include this in the first aid kit, and yet it’s not really first aid.  It is, however, a pretty handy tool to have when you have suddenly snagged your fingernail on something.  If you don’t bring one of your own, you will end up asking your female co-workers if they have nail clippers.  This is because you honestly don’t think men will have any kind of helpful implement in the office.  That’s because you don’t think men have problems.  They do, and hangnails might be one of them.

  • Flash Light:

    This one is useful when you have dropped something under your table top in your cube.  Naturally, when the power goes out having that flash light is very handy..  If you have one of these, you are automatically appointed the emergency leader I think.  Who doesn’t want to be the emergency leader??

  • Microfiber cloth large:

    I use the microfiber cloth to wrap my duct tape in.  very handy in cleaning monitor screens or polishing smartphone screens.  If you happen to spill water on you, microfiber to the rescue!  Super useful!


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