How to look smart quicker.

So you want to look smart in front of people? the first question comes, why you want to look smart? First impressions matters. No wonder, that everyone wants to stand superior in a group of people. In the early days, only muscle power was token of superiority among a group. But times have changed now, you can’t simply knock people’s teeth to prove yourself superior to them. You only end up in jail or get beaten by them. We have listed some the best ways to increase your perceived intelligence quickly. However, all the tips will only work best on strangers or people you’re not familiar with. You can’t fool the people you know, so fooling with your mom.

  1. Listen more and talk less:  

    Do you have someone in friend circle who talks less? Then you must have noticed that whenever he talks everyone’s attention in completely towards him/her. No matter how intelligent he/she is, everyone is eager to listen to him/her. Similarly, if someone from your group talks a lot, then automatically everyone loses their attention over him/her. Even he/she got the intelligence level of Einstein or Newton, no one’s gonna pay attention to him/her.

    Furthermore, with less speaking comes the more listening part. You must develop your listening skills in order to have a better understanding of the world. All of the above is very important because when you reply, you will be able to speak whatever necessary to speak. Don’t reply quickly or knee-jerk reaction, take your time to listen and understand the context first. Then when the time comes reply by using the possible least amount of words. In addition, you get a bonus with this strategy, you won’t burp out any embarrassing words to the audience.

  2. Start Asking simple but Insightful questions: 
    You should know that asking question doesn’t mean that you are asking it cause you don’t know the answer. Instead, you can ask a question to know about others opinion on the particular context. If they get to know that you are seeking information then they will be more impressed by your communication skills. Furthermore, to frame a proper question you must keep the following in your mind:
  • Relevant: 

    You must focus on the topic of the question. As asking a question of the topic might show your lack of focus.

  • Succinct: 

    Your question must be simple to understand. Try to use the possible least number of syllables in your question. Thus, the listener will be able to understand the question easily.

  • Insightful: 

    Your questions must be well thought out to create perfect sense. And they must have some possible outcome. Therefore, you must stay away from questions with close ends.

Whenever you ask a question to someone it allows the conversation to flow efficiently and naturally. If they are interested in your question then definitely they will be interested in you too.

3.Maintain the appropriate eye contact:

 Eye contact is the most crucial in building up a relationship with anyone. As it gives a man assurance that the other party is honest and not lying. Walking with your eyes on the floor shows that you are not confident and not self-assured. However, you won’t want to become the weird serial killer who stares at you no matter what happens.

There’s a proper amount of eye contact that you must keep in your mind. As a matter of fact, the rule is quite simple, while having a conversation with someone you just look into their eyes for a few seconds. But don’t stare for longer intervals.  You should have an eye contact with 30-70% of the time conversation. Furthermore, you are still not confident in maintaining proper eye contact then try practicing in front of a mirror. It will definitely help you in boosting your confidence level.

4.Effective use of quotes: 

You should use quotes while having a conversation. It will show that you have a good knowledge about the popular saying. However, in order to learn you have to be well read. In addition, you will need a good vocabulary, creativity and imagination and a decent memory. So the idea is that you can efficiently flaunt your intelligence through the use of quotes without being too showy. However, you must use the quote according to the situation. Using a quote like “Everything happens, happens for food” in a funeral will only get yourself beaten. So try to use the appropriate quote at an appropriate time.

5.Get Sufficient Sleep: 

The good sleep is also important for a healthy lifestyle. Firstly, it helps you to recover from any illness. Secondly, it is really helpful in reducing any kind of stress and lastly it beneficial in maintaining proper metabolism rate and other health issues. Therefore, you must take a healthy of 7-8 hours every night. In addition, researchers have found that sleep helps in spurring creativity, sharpening your attention span and improving your memory. So next time, you go to sleep just put down all your electronic devices and just go to sleep.

6.Wear Glasses: 

This one may sound a bit gimmicky. But it is proven that adding glasses to your face automatically improves the perception of other people. As a result, you can see the effect on Movies, commercials and TV shows with nerd guys with specs. Researchers have found that interviewers are more likely to hire guys with specs than guys with no specs. The idea is that you have used your eyes to study more and more which has resulted in poor eyesight. Therefore, a spectacle gives a degree of intelligence.

7.Smell good: 

Yes, you read it right. Having a good and pleasant smell gives the indication that you take care of personal hygiene well. Pleasant odor also increases your attractiveness between the people. In addition, you can wear cologne or bathe in a fragrant body wash. You can even use body spray for long lasting fragrance.

8.Wear proper formal uniforms:

 Yes, it doesn’t matter whether you go to the grocery store for shopping or a board meeting. You should wear a proper formal dress everywhere in order to look more professional. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wear a suit and tie wherever you go. A simple V-neck shirt with proper trousers will do the job for you. Furthermore, iron your clothes properly, polish your shoes well and use a blazer or a jacket whenever possible.

9.Wear a little bit of Red:

 Unarguably Red is the most vibrant color that you can wear. It is the perfect way to draw attention towards you, as it creates a bold statement that features power and authority. Think about the traffic lights across the world, why they are colored red to stop you?. Wearing red surely represents your authority and confidence. But it takes a confident man to wear red.

10.Carry the latest technology: 

Staying up to date with the latest technology can be an expensive affair. But if you cut down your other expenses then you can surely rock the latest gadget in your sleeves. As a result, being tech savvy is considered to be a sign of intelligence. Geeks have a good reputation when it comes to intelligence. Being a geek also resembles that you are innovative, resourceful, futuristic and organized at the same.

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