Is fear crippling your confidence?


From the ancient days of mankind. The man has a tendency of fear. This fear is embedded into his personality and keeps passing on generations. So why do we fear? Well to answer that question we need to discuss various kinds of fears. Presently, some deals with the fear of darkness, fear of heights, fear of water and fear of spiders. Well, Spiders are quite spooky in my opinion. Everyone has got some kind of fear in their life. On a ground level, we can say that fear keeps us away from dangers. So, you are scared of riding a horse then your body may know that it cannot do it. But how can our body decide it even before experiencing it?

Understanding fear:

So fear is a heredity? The answer totally depends on the perspective of people. We grow fear based on our environment. For example, the kid from a slum is never scared to hop on a crowded bus. While a kid from a rich family will tremble doing the same thing. It all about how we shape ourselves in life. If our ancestors had feared, then there would no discovery of fire. We would be still living in the stone ages and hunting animals.

In my opinion, fear keeps us away from dangers but it also keeps us away from various possibilities. If Charles Darwin feared the authorities, then there would be no discovery about the origin of the species. Similarly, if Galileo was scared of the religious authorities then we would not know about the heliocentric world. Religion has been the prime contributor to generate fear among the followers. People often misinterpret religion and create various conditions for themselves.

Why do we have fear?

The existence of ghosts and demons is totally debatable. And I don’t want to doubt or debate about their existence. But have you noticed the fact that coward people are more prone to see ghosts and demons? Even they haven’t seen anything, their imagination comes at work to create demonic figures in their mind. However, fear also plays an important role from keep us doing absolutely lunatic things. For example, jumping from a height without any equipment. So fear is necessary for our life? Well, fear isn’t a necessary thing in our life. Instead of having wit is more important in our life. Proper judgment in the right time is more important than having fear. The presence of mind or instinct plays a crucial role while judging anything.

Our lives and fear:

Risks and fear are both interrelated to each other. As a matter of fact, whenever we try to overcome our fear and try to take the risk. We put something at the stake. It could be our life, time or some item. However, the results are mostly unpredictable. You could only the predict the nature of the result, not the result itself. However, excessive fear or excessive daring can hurt your mental health. We are rational beings instead of an animal whose decisions are instinct based.

The Building fear has potential to damage your mental health. Yes, it is a well-acknowledged fact that holding your fear down will hurt you in a long run. This generally develops phobias in a person. And these phobias could so dangerous that a person would scream to death just after encountering his fear. If a person has a fear of fear heights, then he must overcome it by visiting the heights more often. However, if the person decides to not to visit the heights again. Then the fear will gradually grow even more in part of his subconscious. Moreover, people tend to take advantage of other’s fear. Therefore, if a person is scared of dogs then he should spend more time with them. Fear is the biggest speed to a good personality.

 Our fear and its deadly potential:

Fear will only result in you pain and nightmares. Yes, our nightmares are related to our fear. The subconscious part of our mind tries to play with you while you are asleep. You will see more nightmares if you are scared of something. The element of fear will continuously haunt you in your dreams which further increases the fear. So what are the most common elements that cause fear? Darkness, height, sounds, weird creatures.

Various kind of fears:

Darkness is the main element of fear. This is due to the fact that we become completely hostile. We cannot predict our surroundings hence we feel more vulnerable to attacks.

Many people are scared of heights. As a matter of fact, the dream where you see yourself falling is the most common dream. Heights gives us the fear that we might fall and scatter into pieces. This fear further shakes our hands and legs while we are at heights.

Human determines their surroundings by sounds. Any unusual sound like a scream, sobbing or moaning generates a sensation of fear. Furthermore, the movies have also contributed to the use of this sounds to scare us. Anything unusual to our environment certainly strikes our attention and creates fear.

Weird creatures! Well, every creature is made unique in its own way. And one cannot accuse other creature to be weird. But when we see something different from the other creature. We get terrified, we even try to defend our self. For example, a cat with four limbs is not scary but octopus is. Furthermore, we get more terrified when get to know that the other creature might have weapons. For example, we are not usually scared of hamsters. However, if we get to know that the same Hamster is carrying sharp tooth then we might get scared.


So what do we do to solve the problem of fear? I would say analyzing things before passing judgments on them is the most important thing. Still, if you are scared of something then try to encounter it in a controlled way. Cause harboring a fear within yourself can trigger to mental problems later in life. All you need is some courage to face it. Try to observe other’s reaction to that thing first. Then try to see yourself. But do see yourself. Don’t be always dependent on others.

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