How to look muscular easily?

From the days of ancient Greeks, masculinity is often associated with muscular-ness of men. It’s no wonder that why most of the teenagers are heading towards of the gym to become something like Arnold Swargeneggar. Yes, it is the first step to become muscular but dressing sharply is something more important to show off your muscles in a smart manner. Therefore, a little bit of knowledge about style tricks can make your slim physique appear a lit bit more muscular. Here are 6 ways to look more muscular.

  • Having the perfect fitting clothing for your body: 

    The clothes that you wear does the job of hiding your body parts. But at the same time, their fit can also create the optical illusion or visual effect about the structure of your body. The majority of the skinny guys make the mistake of wearing oversized clothing to hide their slim structure. As they tend to think that wearing oversized clothes will make them look bigger and hide their smaller frame. But, they don’t realize the fact that their slim physique is further emphasized. Surely, you don’t want to look like a scarecrow in the first place. On the other hand, some people try to wear the body hugging dresses to make them look muscular. Tight fitting clothing only tends to highlight the thin built of your body. The popular saying “excess of everything is bad” applies here as well. Moderation is the key to successful style.

Try to find something that is not too large or not too tight. Furthermore, try to avoid any kind of super skinny jeans as they tend to highlight the skinny nature. But regular fitting jeans won’t work either as they will be too baggy to wear. Try to wear the slim fit jeans for your slim frame. Try to choose a classic color so that the people won’t pay attention to your legs. And for the shirts try to wear the shirts with proper shoulder fitting. However, it’s very difficult to find the perfect sleeve length after you try to consider a proper shoulder length. For the sleeves try to look with little allowance for your wrists.

Large sleeves will give a baggy impression where as the slimmer fits will further highlight your slim figure. Finally, for the accessories, you can wear anything like wrist watches, bags, scarves, eyeglasses or ties. But always try to ensure that they are not too bulky for your small frame. Many people make the mistake of wearing the military grade sports watch on their tiny wrists. It would make your figure look odd.

  • Blazers and suits are the best for you: 

    Okay, you can’t apply this tip in summers. But you definitely need to know it for the winters. You can give your arms, chest, shoulders an instant boost by wearing a properly fitted suit or a blazer. They are really good when it comes to accentuating the appearance of your physique. Try to find a blazer with padded shoulders, it will give a size boost over regular blazers. A little hefty look is all you want for your physique. Furthermore, you can try a double-breasted suit for a more bulky appeal.

  • Dress sharply with multiple layers: 

    Having several layers of clothing over your frame is another well-known technique to enhance your build. It gives a special emphasis to your middle torso and shoulders. Start with wearing something light and then increase the thickness of each proceeding layer you add on it. But you need to be aware of the fact that this process will work only to a certain level. You can’t overdo this, as too much make your body appear deformed. The best method is to make sure that the combined layers should blend well together. Therefore, you need to learn about the mixing and matching. Try to stick to one color group at a time and try to add the colors that give a neutralized overall effect.

  • Get to know about the size enhancing textiles: 

    To look more muscular, the type of material and thickness mean everything. Therefore, try to use fabrics like Flannel, Corduroy, Denim or tweed. These fabrics will give you a bulkier look in overall appearance. However, try to make sure that nothing is overdone.

  • Properly align your neck with a collar: 

    If you are a skinny guy then crewnecks will be best for you. Proper necklines signal strength and power. Try to look for garments with strong and firm collar. You can choose from Polo shirts, funnel necks, collared sweaters, turtle necks, zip necks etc. The above-collared apparels will help you for making your slim neckline with their proper width.

Bonus tips: 

When it comes to noticing someone’s muscularity it’s all sight perception. Style patterns and colors play a huge role in fusing with the observer’s mind. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity for every skinny guy out there to hide their skinny frame. Firstly, try to buy clothing with horizontal lines rather than vertical lines. The logic is that it will bring more depth and tone your torso ultimately giving you a bulkier appeal. Secondly, you try checkered patterns in your clothing as they will make you look cool and smarter. However, try to search for smaller patterns instead of big ones. Thirdly, try to wear light colored clothing instead of dark ones, as darker clothing gives the trimming effect to your body which highlights your skinny structure. A plain white color shirt is the perfect match for everything like jeans, trousers or shorts.


I would say that being skinny isn’t bad after all. Most of the models are skinny and being skinny is a healthy sign of your body. However, being anorexically skinny is something completely different in the first place. But with proper guidance and some styling tips, you are ready to rock and roll in any clothing. You don’t need to be insecure about your body type instead you can make it your strength. So be happy and try to stay healthy.

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