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Type marks and stretch mark treatment

Type marks and stretch mark treatment

Stretch mark
Stretch mark is narrow band formed in the skin and visible from the outside of the skin, including the thighs, abdomen, breasts, hips, lower back and arms. Stretch marks occur when there is a sudden stretch of the skin, and is formed in the middle layer of the skin. It is associated with obesity, puberty, pregnancy and rapid weight loss. The middle layer of skin known as the dermis more overflow can continue. the doctor called stretch marks stretch marks. ADO striae does not cause health problems because they are not dangerous. Although harmless, they can be treated by removing stretch marks. Various forms of stretch marks are:

1. groove

The lines of the generic term for stretch marks that are used by many medical personnel. Stretch marks consisting of all types of stretch marks. When these stretch marks usually appear purple, red or pink in color. So, sometimes, they fade and become less noticeable silver color. At least 90% of women who underwent develop stretch marks. They are less common in men than in women.

2. striae atrophy

striae atrophy is a common type of stretch marks. This is caused by wear and tear of the various components of the skin. skin contains a protein called elastin, which allows the skin to be flexible and resilient. After the skin has been stretched, can not return to its original shape. What makes tears known as stretch marks on the skin. atrophic stretch marks are caused by rapid weight gain or weight loss sooner or treatment with corticosteroids.

3. distension striae

This type of stretch marks is common among young people at puberty. This is because the body or body parts of young people in this group often experience weight fluctuations and outbreaks of rapid growth. strain known as linear score line formed in the skin on the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and back. This type of stretch marks are also common in pregnant women.

4. Streaks gravidanum

gravidanum stretch mark is a type of stretching that is specific to pregnancy. Stretch marks are regular, but the main cause is pregnancy. They usually appear on thighs, abdomen and buttocks and at other times at the breast. 90% of pregnant women have stretch marks during the third quarter. Hormones released during pregnancy affect the stability of the skin, making the skin tears easily.

5. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are similar to the splines, but occurs in certain models. They appear in long lines that look like whips. They are the result of puberty, pregnancy, and occurs behind men. Stretch marks are a deep red color, but like any other stretch marks eventually faded.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

As with other diseases, stretch marks are also treated so that the skin can be free of these lines are not as appealing to the eye. Treatment varies gels, creams, lasers, lotions and cosmetic surgery. Most often, stretch marks disappear from time to time, but it is your choice to take medication if you feel you can not wait to disappear. research and technological advances indicate a bright future effective to remove stretch marks. Slot different absorption treatment are presented:

1. Cream, oil and topical preparations

Topical preparations using the cream on the body that are prone to develop stretch marks before they are formed. It is mainly used by pregnant women in their stomachs so that they do not develop stretch marks during the final stages of her pregnancy. oils containing anti-stretch mark cream rosehip, Roli-hydroxy silane C, vitamin E and Centella asiatica triterpenes works well for pregnant women, and the cream prevents the appearance of new stretch marks and stop the progress of existing stretch marks.

2. Tretinoin cream

tretinoin creams that contain retinoic acid product and cause birth defects easily. It should not be used by pregnant or nursing women. It is generally used to treat acne and to treat stretch marks also. Tretinoin helps make stretch marks that are in the early stages seemed normal. Tretinoin helps rebuild collagen that causes stretch marks look like normal skin.

3. Laser Therapy

laser therapy is a safe and effective method for the treatment of stretch marks. It deals with both early stage and advanced stage of stretch marks. Using lasers to treat stretch marks on dark skin can be difficult. How to get rid of stretch marks on dark skin will be informed by the doctor about the best method to use laser treatment. laser therapy using light of wavelengths to enable the growth of elastin, collagen and melanin production. pulsed dye laser is more effective in the early treatment of striae, while the fractional laser treatment is more effective in removing age of striae.


Although stretch marks can not always be avoided, because they are caused by certain life stages that we all go, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of getting them. They include a balanced diet, which contains minerals such as silicon and zinc and vitamins A and C, drink lots of water, control over their weight during pregnancy and maintain a healthy weight.

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