Top 15 fitness and workout apps

So are you thinking to visit the nearest Mcdonald outlet to grab a big mac? Change your thoughts immediately. Arguably no one wants to grow a but chin or tires in their tummy. Everyone wants to get in shape and stay healthy, but sadly everyone can’t get motivated or hire a coach for that. However, if you got an Android device then you got half of your problems already solved.

Now you just need the willpower to make a difference in yourself. Think about your crush who will appreciate your efforts, think about your co-workers who will get jealous when you get yourself into perfect shape. Above all, technology has changed rapidly with huge progressions. Therefore, apps aren’t just limited to tracking your footsteps, they can do much more from maintaining a diet plan to tracking your sleep activity. Apps are the new answer to almost every problem. So, without further due let’s unwrap the 15 top fitness apps for your smartphone.

  1. Couch to 5K: 

    Want to leave your couch and become healthy? Then give a try to Couch to 5k. It will allow you to work out intuitively without any hassle. As a matter of fact, you can create music playlists within the app without ever needing to switch any other app. Furthermore,  if you are done with 5K running then surely you can switch to 10K for higher goals. Finally, there’s also a MyFitnessPal integration with this app, so you can store your records as well. In the meantime, if you are looking for an enhanced experience then you can purchase the premium version of Couch to 5K.

  2. Endomondo: 

    Considered to be the best of all fitness apps. Endomondo lets you track your fitness and performance with additional perks. It is really considered to be the daddy of all fitness apps. Most of the remains free, however, if you want to use the most of it then you can purchase the premium version of the app. The premium version features personal training plan, heart rate analyzer and last but not the least no more ads. Therefore, you can really trust this app with its huge history dating back from the 2010s.

  3. FitNotes: 

    Most of these fitness apps need your attention while exercising. And they take the direct control of your life to get you into proper shape. But FitNotes is a completely different approach to fitness, it more of a traditional approach to fitness. You just do your exercise and update the app with the logs of your goals. Therefore, no sensor bullshit plus you also stay away from the wacky ads. In addition, you can properly organize your workouts, a workout log which enables you to track your progress. As a matter of fact, you can easily customize your custom routines and workout tailored to yourself. In conclusion, it’s a must have app if you are into the serious workout without hassle.

  4. Google Fit: 

    Do you feel confused to use the fitness apps with their complex UI? then feel free to use the simplest fitness tracker provided by Google itself. Google Fit is the best fitness app when it comes to simplicity and proper integration with Android Wear. So now you can track your fitness goals through your smartwatch properly. Furthermore, you get to track all your goals, analytics and various types of tracking. Google Fit is perfect for the beginners to begin with, as it covers all the basic features pretty well. In addition, it remains completely free with all the features unlocked as well.

  5. Jefit: 

    With a database containing over 1300 exercises. Jefit is pretty good when it comes to being a personal trainer. With its intuitive and efficient UI, Jefit is an impressive sports tracker. It offers animations of the exercises from its database. In addition, you can also join the social tab of the app and share your goals and progress with your friends. The free version is quite sufficient for regular users, however, the paid version provides a further extension to some awesome features.

  6. MyFitnessPal: 

    We all know that diet is the most crucial part to achieve exercise goal. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal is the best way to track your calorie intake and diet plan. You can add anything to your diet from its humongous list of food. However, the list has properly sorted the proper nutritional value of a specific food. Thus, you don’t need to count the calories on your own, it will do the work for you. You can really rely on the nutritional values provided by the app, as they are well sorted by professional nutritionists. Finally, if you like the app then you can also purchase the Pro version for more features and diet plans.

  7. Pocket Yoga: 

    As the name suggests, Pocket Yoga is sweet and simple. It offers over 200 poses along with proper animations to practice Yoga efficiently. Furthermore, there are voice instructions which will guide you to make the perfect postures while imitating the poses of Yoga. You can also store the log of your Yoga practices and create new Yoga workouts. There are no subscription plans for this app, thus it remains nice and short.

  8. Ingress or Pokemon Go:  

    They are not fitness apps primarily. Still, they require real physical effort. Sorry, you can’t cheat and increase your footsteps in the game. As a matter of fact, both Ingress and Pokemon Go are played in the real world. You have to explore through various places in order to play the game. However, they won’t track heart rate or tell you how many steps you have taken. But they let your fat ass move from the couch. Both these games are free to play with some in-app purchases.

  9. Progression Fitness Tracker:

    A perfect solid fitness app. Progression Fitness Tracker features built in exercise regimes for you or you can even create your own. As a matter of fact, this app is perfect for people who want to work on a specific exercise. You will get motivated by the time trail style of the app. As it will force you to achieve more and more.

  10. Runkeeper: 

    Another fitness app for running. RunKeeper lets you track your performance, create running plans in the social tab. Furthermore, you can add various hardware devices to measure your heart rate at any moment. In addition, if you get bored of running then RunKeeper also supports various other workouts as well. Moreover, Runkeeper remains connected to some other fitness apps as well (some of them are on our list).

  11. Runtastic: 

    Highly rated by the Android community. Runtastic remains of the best app for running. It has precise Android Wear support and GPS tracking for your running, jogging, walking and biking schedules. In addition, you’ll get the most immersive running experience with fitness tracking graphs and a proper customizable dashboard. Finally, music lovers can integrate their music apps to Runtastic as well. For most beginners, the features are quite sufficient. However, you can also purchase the pro version for more additional features.

  12.  Stronglifts 5×5 Workout: 

    A perfect companion app for a strength workout. Stronglifts 5×5 Workout features most of the popular workouts. Your progress can be recorded through this app and you can also watch video workouts. Everything is properly organized in this app with a calendar, a timer and much more. In addition, Android Wear is also supported with this app. The easy to UI makes it easier to learn without any learning curve. At last, the free version is pretty good to use, however you can also upgrade it to pro for more features.

  13. Strava: 

    Do you want a competitive environment for your workout plan? then Strava is the best bang for a buck. Featuring leaderboard style layout for you to compete with yourself, your friends and people from your area. In addition, you can also share your progress with your friends. Strava is the perfect app to bring out the social aspect of the workout. Furthermore, it clean and intuitive UI is really good without making a fuss out of things. If you are into socialization then this is the best choice for you. However, features are quite limited in the free version, so you might consider buying the paid version for more features and a better experience.

  14. Sworkit: 

    It is just like the rude personal trainer who keeps kicking to achieve your goals. Sworkit offers a plenty of built-in exercises depending on your requirement. Moreover, you can also craft your own exercise with the help of over 160 exercises. Finally, the best thing about the app is that it’s completely free with no in app purchases. So be ready with a good companion just like a personal trainer.

  15.  You Are Your Own Gym: 
    Featuring over 200 exercises in the app. You Are Your Own Gym is the perfect guide to exercise without any equipment. As a matter of fact, just open the app anywhere you like and start exercising. No bullshit, no complex routine just exercise whenever you like. There are plenty of videos within the app to learn about various exercises. However, the app is paid but the money is really worth it.

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