Some of the deadly disease that the test can be entered

Some of the deadly disease that the test can be entered

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The diabetes type 2 is included in can be easily detected during an eye examination by a specialist. It is often summed up by retinal hemorrhage and is generally regarded as a symptom of diabetes stronger. In addition, the turmoil capacity of vision could also be a sign that you have diabetes. You must have heard that diabetes can cause permanent blindness if not treated. Diagnosis at an early stage can easily help manage under medical supervision.


test if done competently and detail, you can even detect cancer risk. Retinal bleeding often associated with leukemia or brain tumors. This can be found by looking at the patient’s field of vision. If detected early, can even control to some extent, and therefore highly recommended eye exams for people on a regular basis.


This is done quite well hypertension is often the cause of conditions such as heart attack and stroke are known. It can even take the life of a person is considered a fatal condition. changes in the retina and vision disorders, sometimes they can get high blood pressure signal. Always continue to get your eyes checked by a specialist. If sufficient evidence of high blood pressure, you can proceed to the right treatment for it.

artery disease

do a variety of right carotid artery in the human body with the maintenance of blood circulation and deliver oxygen-rich blood vein and muscle function. Carotid artery disease is caused by fatty deposits, cholesterol and toxic substances in the arteries as blood gel and become impure. Conditions Inadequate blood flow can cause a fatal heart attack and stroke.

Optometrists usually detect disease of the carotid artery to vision loss. If these symptoms in a patient refers a lot of time, other tests may be performed to confirm the same. loss of vision in this respect are temporary, but the unexpected happened on stage. When you think of these symptoms, you should immediately run to her eye doctor.

temporal arteritis

It is a condition in which inflammation of the temporal artery occurs. It also can cause great damage to the arteries that work. This artery is responsible for supplying blood to the brain and other parts of the nervous system. Some scientists still believe that the causes associated with the autoimmune system and the elderly are more susceptible to it.

Treatments are restricted to controlling symptoms, but these drugs have not found it. The symptoms of temporal arteritis often gets displayed on eye conditions such as blurred vision, double vision and loss of vision, even permanent. Here are ophthalmologists and cardiologists can work together for treatment.

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