The reason behind stretch marks and their solutions

Stretch marks are lines or streaks that appear on the surface of the skin to another. Usually they are placed at right angles refer to the tension lines of the skin and is most common in the thighs, lower torso and groin area, although several cases have occurred in the armpits and the skin Breast. They are the result of skin stretched too suddenly and occur in the epidermal layer of the skin. skin form of deformation is very common and affects both sexes but is more common in women fraternity.

stretch marks

Facts about stretch marks

The prevalence of stretch marks depends on factors including the ethnicity of the person, age and sex. The speed at which striae develop in adolescence is relatively higher in women compared to the knight. The reason for this change is to get pregnant fast weight loss and is associated with differences in specific forms of treatment or drugs that also seems to accelerate the process.

The most common causes of stretch marks


During pregnancy, the body of a woman produces several types of hormones that cause mild pelvic ligaments to improve flexibility, in addition to softening the fibers of the skin. This increases the risk of developing stretch marks, particularly in the abdomen when the baby grows. This area is also vulnerable due to breast and grow in preparation for breastfeeding for the unborn child. It is also during subsequent pregnancy maternal weight gain, a condition that causes the skin to stretch more.


sudden weight loss can also cause stretch marks during pregnancy, such as weight lifting or weight training with professional athletes or use for a weight loss supplement that facilitates the rapid increase in body mass. This is because the weight is added during a relatively short period that does not give enough time to adjust the skin.


In men, more frequent in the back and shoulders while women are dominant in their lower body and chest area. They are mainly due to strong growth patterns that occur during puberty.

Skin medications and creams

The use of excessive uncontrolled certain creams that are used to treat skin diseases such as eczema can accelerate the skin condition by reducing the level of collagen in the skin causes the skin to lighten. corticosteroid lotion is the most common source of this skin condition.

Hereditary medical conditions

Marfan syndrome is a particular type of debilitating disease and reduce the elasticity of body cell groups. Excessive production of cortisol, the stress hormone leads to rapid weight gain in the stomach causes scars to form, especially conditions associated with Cushing’s syndrome.

Signs and symptoms

Before the appearance of the surface of the skin looks pink or reddish and sometimes annoyed. Lines or bands of different wrinkles appear as the same color as the skin, but is much darker in theme reddish or pink skin tones. These lines eventually decreases over time, the duration is extended to year.

How to remove stretch marks

Lotions and other cosmetic procedures for the correction of skin from time to time have been used to refine the type of skin disorder, but its effectiveness is still questionable. Despite these signs fade over time, which is generally too long for some people who prefer an alternative approach. Here are some of the most effective ways to treat stretch marks;

Laser treatment using lasers can safely eliminate the flow pattern in the early stages and the final. Treatment depends on the type of skin care seeking individuals.
Retin-A cream is retinoic acid which facilitates the efficient production of collagen in the skin that are responsible for skin stretching attribute eliminating the possibility of developing tears. However, it is important to limit exposure to the shape of sunscreen currently used because it is more sensitive to sunburn.
Vitamin E creams are a very useful drug, especially among women who are anxious for a second or later. This oil improves skin elasticity and generally works best when combined with other lotions.

castor oil the oil is used in the treatment of various skin conditions such as moles and pimples, including stretch marks.
egg white egg white applied on the affected area helps to get rid of stretch marks after effects. Indeed, egg protein and egg white contains amino acids are useful for the development of the skin.
zumo- lemon juice lemon applications to the surface of the affected skin reduces dark marks on the skin. This is because the natural juice helps reduce acid scars and dark spots on the surface of the skin.
the tummy tuck surgery or correctional simple aesthetic surgery in the abdomen is the surgical removal of excess skin of the lower body, especially for beauty. It can also be used to remove stretch marks for those who want a quick fix. This process is very expensive and can not be an option for those that not only allow. But are willing to accept the risks that come with it.


In short, stretch marks can not be avoided completely. But a good healthy diet can do the trick to reduce the probability of occurrence. It included a balanced diet rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and minerals that facilitate the healthy development of specialized silicon and zinc skin not to mention plenty of water. For this form of drug treatment consult a dermatologist for advice.

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