Not only the glasses: 4 general rules are ignored for eye health

Not only the glasses: 4 general rules are ignored for eye health

Not Just Goggles 4 Commonly Overlooked Rules for Healthy Eyes - glasses

Not only glasses , ignored 4 common rules for healthy eyes. Although glasses is one of the most obvious ways to protect your eyes, you should not be limited to, if you are serious about a healthy eye. It is important to remember to keep your eyes in the long run safely more than when you are at work or in other situations where you need to maintain physical rubbish out. It is a day to the thing of the day. You must be vigilant to ensure that no eye on how you want to keep.

Warning lights

His eyes have an upper limit to absorb and process the light. If it passes this limit, so you may not hurt your eyes. That is why it is important to use not just for physical protection glasses, but the glasses are not too specific filter of light, if you want to be in the area where it is expected to be a problem.

For example, there are glasses which can be used to protect laser and a laser pointer. There is a special kind of sun if you’re going to see the sun for long. If you already have prescription lenses, you might think they are enough to protect your eyes, but many security flaws coatings special glasses that filter harmful electromagnetic radiation designed. Buying a pair of safety glasses that can wrap around the existing glass. Some companies like Marvel optical glasses offer safety glasses prescription that protect your eyes against harmful rays, unashamedly, like sunglasses that wrap. You can get glasses that will reduce the brightness of the computer screen. The main thing is to reduce eye fatigue and radiation exposure so make sure that your goggles according to their activity.

Stopped immediately

Smoking is not only bad for the lungs and throat, is also bad for your eyes. Smoke from cigarettes, cigars or pipes can damage eyes and itching over time, causing all sorts of problems. Exhale smoke is much more toxic than what you inhale, and if it gets into your eyes, which is often when you smoke and exhale, then they enter your body.

Smoking increases the risk of not only cancer, but also other eye diseases such as cataracts, optic nerve damage and blindness. Avoid cigarette smoke if you do not smoke, quit smoking, and if you do, is one of the best things you can do to the health of your eyes at the end.

Do not forget to spare time

It is clear that not only direct losses to worry too much light or smoke. It should also be concerned about the long-term stress. One way to remember is to use what is called the rule of “20-20-20”. This means that every 20 minutes, you have to look outside of yourself to a point at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Doing this will ensure that no eye fatigue as well.

Wash your hands

Often unintentionally touching eyes throughout the day. You keep your hands clean by washing them frequently will ensure that no pollutants from entering your eyes. Bacteria and dirt can stick to hands and fingers and wandering eyes RUB infectious materials can be entered directly into the eye. Although most of the time in people with healthy eyes, tears and eyelids will do its job of cleaning the foreign body from the eye, it is still possible to avoid rubbing or itching eyes and keep your own hands.

Generally, vigilance is key to the continuing health of the eye. You can really make sure that your eyes last as long as possible with a little care.

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