Lasik & Astigmatism: Explore Your Options (Including Costs)

Astigmatism is a vision correction condition, and most of the people have at least small amount of astigmatism. If you have astigmatism, it does not affect your vision clarity, and also you don’t require any treatment if you have a small amount of Astigmatism. But in some cases, it has been seen that if anyone is having higher amounts of astigmatism that can cause blurry vision and you have to take corrective measures. Astigmatism can cause when you have an irregularly shaped cornea. When you have an irregularly shaped lens or cornea, it prevents light to enter retina and as a result, your vision will become blurred for any distance near or far. Astigmatism can occur in one or both of your eyes.

If you have astigmatism, you may face eyestrain and headaches if you don’t wear glasses or lenses. If your parents have astigmatism, you may face the same problem. Also, it can be caused if you have any injury or any kind of ocular diseases. Astigmatism can be corrected when you go for Lasik eye surgery. Before any patient goes for any surgery, they will be evaluated, and then they will be considered whether they need to go through Lasik surgery or not. For some patients who are having astigmatism, they may not qualify for Lasik surgery; it totally depends on the situation.

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How Does Lasik Surgery Work?

  • Vision problems are very common nowadays. Most of the people have some kind of eye problems such as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia. Every year several people go through Lasik surgery.
  • LASIK eye surgery can cure astigmatism, but it depends on the nature of the eye problem.
  • Most of the cases Lasik surgery shows a positive effect. But if anyone has high astigmatism for them it may not cure fully. You must consult with your surgeon before you go for any surgery.
  • If Astigmatism occurs in children, it is recommended to wait till 18 as it may cause an adverse effect on children’s body.
  • Each and every patient should go through proper evaluation before surgery, which involves eye testing and also checking the results of medical history. If the patient qualifies then, they can go for Lasik surgery.
  • LASIK surgery reshapes the cornea, and it corrects the light entry of your eye retina.
  • Once you undergo surgery, your vision will be clearer.

Costs For Surgery:

Cost may vary from person to person. First, it is required to check the eye condition, and then the surgeon will understand which surgery to go for. Also, it depends on the surgeon who will perform your surgery and also it depends on the hospital charges. But Astigmatism surgery is really reasonable. Astigmatism is done using the latest technology and the cost varies from $300 – $5000, depending on the type of treatment and facilities that you need. Before you go for any surgery, you should consult with the surgeon which surgery will give you the best results then you can go for the surgery.

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