Knowing your skin type and choose products


This type of skin is obtained and used basic beauty products. The skin is compatible with a particular beauty product and can react aggressively, causing medical conditions, even when exposed to other products. Therefore it is important to know your skin type, the factors that can cause changes in skin type and the best category to be used in the selection of the best beauty products. Information collected on the beauty or by the seller may not be accurate. Visit doctors more accurately to identify your skin type environment.

You should know and be aware of the main factors that affect the skin to find the best sunscreen to use a face. Sunscreen is very important to daily skin since applied and because of the dynamic changes in your skin; You need to update information on your skin type. Some causes changes in a person’s skin type; climate change or the environment; mountain passes to the beach, hormones, genes and other skin disorders, drugs, stress, a person’s daily diet, skin care daily routine, to name only one each. Consider these factors when buying sunscreen for the face.


the face is the most exposed part of your body. It affected all environmental factors including sunlight can dry most of the time. Therefore, the emphasis is recommended on sunscreen with hydrating and moisturizing agents. more simple products and penetrate the solar best practices for all types of sensitive skin, especially if they are mild. fat-free sunscreen are also tips for sensitive skin.

Component sunscreen

Materials and components of sunscreens and other products that can be selected for use on the face more serious. For the best protection against other environmental factors and the sun, the selection of products that are gentle on your skin. mineral-based sunscreens are highly reactive and avoid if possible, please. If you are allergic to components of sunscreen or other products, choose one with different ingredients. Allergies and other medical conditions affecting the function of your skin and can cause skin disorders worst that requires medical attention. open face for all to see, and some of these reactions will be ugly and rude for anyone to see.


opinions and experiences of others who are important in the choice of skin care products, especially solar products. Experience offers current bid and the actual results subsequently achieved by using a special product for the skin. It is also possible to identify your skin type with the description given by others of their skin. The results obtained from the use of certain products sunscreen on their face gives the best picture to be used on the face. Knowledge of what will happen after use is empowering and gives you confidence. Find people examine different sun protection products for the face and identify the best to use for the face.


makeup routine and influence the type or brand of sunscreen for face used. Some feature makeup practiced today is totally inadequate and impede the efficiency and effectiveness of the relevant solar products. Sunscreen is very important for the skin because it prevents a variety of serious medical conditions, including cancer occurs. Choose makeup is not played with the function of sunscreen products on the skin. Mixing the two is also an important factor to be considered a ghost appears. Makeup and sunscreen should be an even tone to match the color of the skin and skin. This will ensure a perfect look beautiful anyway.


application of sunscreen product instructions should be followed at all times, regardless of skin type. misuse of skin care products cause rashes, acne, inflammation and irritation or. This is an effect that can be avoided simply by following the instruction manual present in each product purchased. sunscreen spray should not be sprayed in the face, because it can cause reactive situation. To better apply sunscreen spray, spray some on your palms and apply the use of their hands. This is routine maintenance and gentle to the skin clean.

The right amount of sunscreen should be applied. Applying the minimum amount does not protect against the sun and excessive application wasteful. Preservation is an important factor to consider. Apply sunscreen all over your body for insurance and make sure it is the right amount you requested.


facial skin is the most sensitive and reactive. Each product can react or is suitable for your skin. It’s hard to know which products are best. With informed and have knowledge about your skin type and the best products to use the right weapon for any eventuality. Use the right products for your skin and achieve the desired results.

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