The importance of sleep in our life; tips for better sleep

Are you a teenager who wants to play another match of Counter-Strike before going to a peaceful sleep? or a young adult who still craves to watch another season of the popular TV show FRIENDS just to end boredom? Then you have to believe me that this desire for doing more is never ending. As a matter of fact, we never go to sleep just after playing our last match of the game. In fact, it is never our last match or last episode.

Humans are meant to be greedy in nature, we crave for more and more. We are never satisfied with the current status. As a result, we stay awake all night until our body gives up in the end. But skipping sleep- a natural process of our body is a good idea in the first place? surely, you can save plenty of hours that gets wasted in doing absolutely nothing. But what are the consequences of skipping this natural process of our lives?

Many independent types of research have found that both men and women look their best after they have had a good amount of sleep. Furthermore, their minds behaved more actively and efficiently than the unsleepy counterparts. People with no sleep are generally considered as less healthy and less attractive. This is due to the tiredness they have to deal with. Presently, sleep deprivation is becoming a major issue among the youngsters specifically. It really makes you unattractive when you got hanging eyelids, redder and swollen eyes without any sleep. In some extreme cases, people with no sleep often face Dark Circles, more wrinkles, paler skin, and appeared sadder in general. Of course, you don’t want to look sad so try considering a healthy sleep routine.

However, now you might be thinking that all of the unattractiveness can be hidden by using some cosmetics, drinking coffee and energy drinks. But none of them can help you retain your natural glow and freshness of your skin. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to skip sleep. Restrict yourself from drinking too much energy drinks and alcohol before sleeping. A healthy sleep will lead you to a positive and irritation free day. Here are some important tips to ensure a healthy sleep:

healthy sleep tips

  1. Stay away from gadgets in bed: 

    So you are getting bored while going to sleep? And you are thinking that a quick Temple Run game will make you go to sleep. Wrong, completely wrong. In fact, it will only indulge you for hours instead of letting you sleep. As our smartphones are not just limited to single use, we will continuously try to look newer ways of entertainment through it. In short, a smartphone is really a Pandora box to end our boredom. Therefore, instead of letting us sleep it will force us to stay awake. Scientifically also it is well-proven fact that these electronic gadgets emit blue rays which disturb our sleep cycles. Finally, you should also keep your Television set away from your bedroom.

  2. Do not exercise three hours before going to sleep: 

    This is a less known advice though it is an important one. Exercise can help you improve the quality of your sleep. However, exercising before going to sleep will create a huge amount of adrenaline. It is a key factor in keeping us awake and pumped throughout the day.

  3. Try to limit your caffeine intake before sleeping: 

    Even a child is aware of the fact that Caffeine keeps us from going asleep. As a matter of fact, the most caffeine is consumed by your body the more difficult it becomes for your body to rest. Therefore, you recommended not to consume caffeine content before 6 hours going to sleep. Coffee, Soda, energy drinks are substances with nicotine are the major sources to Caffeine.

  4. Having a proper and good quality mattress for sleep: 

    Famous researchers have recently found that more than 47 percent of people are having a problem with the quality of the mattress. It extreme cases it can cost you up to 3 hours of sleep. if this happens to be the case with you then it’s high time look for a new mattress. Furthermore, your bed must big enough to support your body and stable to keep you undisturbed while you are asleep.

5.Set your body clock well: 

To have the perfect healthy cycle for your sleep, you should go to bed at the same time of the day. It will ensure a natural and effective sleep cycle for your body. Furthermore, it will also help you in maintaining a better quality sleep. In addition, try to remember the fact that this sleep cycle includes weekends as well. Avoid the proper cycle will disturb both quality and quantity of your sleep. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each and every day.

In conclusion: 

I would like the advice you to maintain a proper sleep cycle in your life. Yes, some may argue that instead of sleeping you can do a lot of things meanwhile. But keep that in mind you are doing stuff at the cost of health. And your health should always remain the number one priority in your life. Furthermore, people often try to skip their sleep by consuming caffeinated beverages.

In fact, some replace their water intake by these harmful beverages. But you should be well aware of the fact that caffeinated beverage like Coffee and tea are responsible for tempering your natural metabolism rate. However, you might get tempted to the catchy slogans and taglines of energy drinks. They often claim to provide you all day energy with just a single serving but believe me they are a just blend of some harmful chemicals. To have a proper sleep cycle try making a schedule with your day to day tasks. You can also download several apps to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. But always remember to create the healthy distance from any electronic like Laptops, mobiles, tablets. Try reading books are really helpful in ensuring a healthy sleep cycle.

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