Hot tub history

A lot of people all over the world who have a hot tub enjoy its luxury, especially those living in the colder climates. The warmth offered by a hot tub makes it more welcoming, satisfying and enjoyable. For those with a lot of stress and tension, a good long soak can be a nice treatment for their body good. A person can easily let all of her or his worries drain away when enjoying the slightly hot and bubbling water. Below are some points on where this wonderful invention come from as well as how it becomes the hot tub that we currently know and love.

Hot tub history is definitely traceable. They were first invented by the Romans in their bathhouses, which was introduced when people discovered the great wonders of hot springs. Hot springs were famous for relaxation as well as for therapeutic uses. They occur naturally in the Earth’s surface and are usually found in areas where there is volcanic activity. Prior to the invention of a hot tub, only a few people enjoyed the thought of residing near these areas just for a warm bath thus these warm baths were not available to everyone.

The earliest hot tab can be traced all the way back to around 2000 B.C where the ancient Egyptians were already enjoying the luxury of a hot bath and the benefits gained from soaking themselves in the hot water. Around 600 B.C., king of Media from Persia was the first one to be built in a hot tub. During that time, the Greek philosophers, Hippocrates, Plato, etc were as well as discovering the therapeutic importance of water. As a result of this discovery, the Greeks started building bathing houses around hot springs.

Within the Japanese and Chinese cultures, some people were as well being influenced by various healing powers of water. There was a saying in Japan relating to a tranquil state that could be accomplished by an individual’s spirit came about, hence giving them an idea of opposition that was passive in nature. The saying was known as Mizu – no – Kokoro(Mind Like Water). Therefore, any person who accomplished Mind Like Water would get harmony in all his/her surroundings. This great idea is what initiated the invention of hot tubs in Asia which resulted in the building of bathing houses near the hot springs in China and Japan.

For the Roman Empire and the temple, their bathhouses were made of a stone chamber. As with all other cultures, the hot tubs were situated near the hot springs. Around late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth became the first person to bathe in, England’s mineral waters. Later in the 20th century, hot tub started to take the form of what it is today.

Currently, modern spot tubs are mostly made of fiberglass, ceramic material, or concrete pool like structures. Certainly, hot tabs have come a long way and are still a very popular luxury. Most people even prefer to have a hot tub in their homes rather than a pool. If you want to know more about hot tub please visit

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