Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Your Dental Health

Not all foods and drinks are good for your teeth. Some can harm your dental health greatly, so it’s better to know them and stay away from them. Highly acidic foods, sugary items, sticky foods, foods that are hard to chew, are bad for your teeth and avoid consuming them. You must also stay away form starchy foods and refined carbohydrates as they can harm your teeth considerably over time. Well, your focus should on eating or drinking items that are good for your teeth. This is how you can maintain dental health and sport a smile that is beautiful.

Here are some foods and drinks that are bad for your dental health –

  1. Soda

Sodas are bad for your dental health. They cause cavities or caries and can lead to tooth decay. the acids found in them can chip away at the minerals of your enamel and can cause tooth decay over time. More so, being rich in sugar makes then risky for bacterial growth in the mouth.

  1. Sports drinks

Contrary to popular perception, sports drinks are not healthy. They are packed with sugar and acids, which makes them bad for your teeth. Their regular consumption can cause cavities and erosion. They are not only acidic but also erosive in nature, therefore have the potential to cause great damage to your teeth over time. Don’t drink them much to maintain dental health.

  1. Tea & coffee

Your habit of waking up to a hot cup of tea or coffee is bad for your dental health. Both these beverages not only cause stain to your teeth but being acidic also makes then bad for the enamel. Consuming them frequently means your mouth will remain dry and this allows bacteria to grow and cause damages over time.

  1. Alcohol

All alcoholic beverages are bad for your dental health. They can cause dehydration and dry mouth. Their consumption can reduce saliva flow in the mouth which can led to tooth decay and gum disease in future. Worse still, your cocktail is a sugary sin that can increase the risk of cavities and may lead to tooth decay.

  1. Sticky or chewy candies

Sticky or chewy candies are bad for your teeth for two reasons – first, they are soaked in sugar and second, they stick to your teeth really badly. For that reason, children who gorge on candies have cavities more often than the rest. Stay away from chewy candies and don’t let your teeth become a heaven for bacteria.

  1. Dried fruits

Dried fruits may well for good for your overall health, but they are definitely bad for your oral health. Why? They are high in sugar content and they are sticky as well. Unlike fresh fruit, they are a condescend version of natural sugars and cellulose fibre of non-soluble nature. So, eating them is like consuming chewy candies.

  1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are otherwise good for your overall health for being rich in vitamin C, but they are bad for your dental health for being acidic in nature. They can erode and decay your tooth enamel over time, particularly when their intake is frequent. So, wash your mouth with water after eating lemon, oranges and grapefruits to minimize the risks.

  1. Potato chips

Starchy foods are bad for your teeth for their sticky nature. Their mushy texture helps them remain stuck between your teeth for a long time. This is how bacterial growth happens. To keep the risks to a minimum level, rinse your mouth with water after eating potato chips or any items with starch content. This will help for sure.

  1. Ice

How can ice harm your teeth when it’s all water? It won’t unless you decide to chew on that. And harder the ice, the more harmful your chewing will prove. So, ice as such is not bad provided you let it cool off before consuming. It’s the chewing that makes them bad for your teeth.

  1. Vinegar

Vinegar is bad for your teeth. It can lead to tooth decay. Using it in any dish means you are more at risk for enamel erosion. You however can rinse the mouth after eating any vinegar-containing item and minimize the risk. You can visit one of top dental hospitals in hyderabad to know more about foods bad for your teeth.

  1. Pickles

If you’re fond of eating pickles, think twice because your habit may be bad for your dental health. They are very acidic in nature and can cause enamel erosion. Tooth decay risk can increase if you are in the habit of eating too much pickles on regular basis. It’s better to reduce the intake and if possible, rinse the mouth with water to neutralize much of its acidic effects. This will help a lot in the long run.

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