Advantages of being skinny

Having a lean body is the most desirable thing these days. In fact, people are tailoring their diet to achieve a slim figure. Presently, people are considering being slim as attractive. This trend is more evident in girls. So let’s discuss what are the advantages of being skinny. Note: whenever I say skinny, I mean skinny not anorexically skinny. And furthermore, I’m not saying that being skinny is better than being buff. I will also create a list in the favor of being buff.

Here are some advantages:

  1. Breathing is quite easy: The thin people always have no difficulty in breathing. The low-fat content in the rib cage and lungs allows them to breathe without any obstacles. Whereas, people with more weight tent to put more efforts in breathing. As their rib cage is surrounded by more weight in the form of muscles or fat. However, all of this can be changed if you do cardio regularly. It will give more practice and training to your lungs for easier respiration.
  2. Walking is easy: The sports cars are always lighter than the luxury sedans. Similarly, skinny people have fewer problems in walking as they carry less weight. This further helps in avoiding bone related diseases like osteoarthritis in their body.
  3. More agility: You must have seen skinny people doing gymnastics in Olympics. The slim people tend to have better agility than the buff folks. Due to low body weight, they can move all their body parts and can create any posture in a short time. This further adds benefits to more sports like Running, Basketball, football. In addition to that, practicing martial arts like Kung-Fu, Karate is much easier with a leaner figure.
  4. Less prone to heart diseases: Our heart is the most important organ in our body. It helps to pump blood throughout our body. But having excessive body weight creates more stress to its process. And over time it tends to malfunction if taken seriously. While the lean people have less chance of encountering heart diseases like strokes and attacks in their lifetime.
  5. Less prone to premature death: This fact may be bit debatable and controversial. But some researchers have shown that leaner people tend to live longer. This fact can also depend on diet and lifestyle habits in general. But yes, having unnecessary things in a healthy body is never welcomed.
  6. Back pain is less common: Back pain is usually caused when your back suffers excessive weight and pressure. Your vertebrate tends to give up when you put constant weight into its delicate structure. But having low body weight ensures less stress and pressure into the vertebrate. Furthermore, when lean people have any accidental injury to their backs, recovery times are remarkably shorter.
  7. Less chance of building stone in your organs: With the help of a good diet skinny people have less chance of kidney and gall stones. Their body doesn’t consist of the harmful fat that is responsible for building those stones in the first place.
  8. Less likely to get depressed: Well this point is valid and meant to tackle society’s expectation. The skinny people are less likely to get depressed for their figure. As the in the recent times, the society is giving more value to a slim figure. Moreover, in the generation of slim fit clothes, the lean people are more adaptable to the clothes.
  9. Less prone to diabetes: Today, diabetes has become a major problem among the people. With excessive weight, you are more likely to suffer the disease. Moreover, it has become a hereditary disease.
  10. Clothes fit well: Over the last 10 years’ fashion industry has shifted towards slim fit clothing. Nowadays everyone wants to look slim. You are more likely to find skinny jeans and trousers in the market than regular fit. And having a slim and lean figure helps you fit well into your clothes.
  11. People respect you: It doesn’t matter whether you work out or not. People always tend to praise your lean figure. They even suggest you do modeling.
  12. No one thinks that you are lazy at your workplace: No matter whether you are a couch potato or not. If you got thin figure no one will say that you are lazy. Moreover, jobs like cabin crew always prefer slim people for their fit nature.
  13. You fit easily into compact seats: Airplanes and theaters have relatively smaller seats to save space. However, if you got a slim body then you won’t face any challenge to fit in perfectly. But people with more weight always tend to face issue with cramped spaces.
  14. Your feet stay healthy: Having excessive weight over the foundation of a structure always tend to break it. Similarly, people with excessive feet always face pain in their feet. This is due to the fact that their bones and cartilage suffer from extreme pressure. However, slim people have no such problem as their weight is proportionally distributed.
  15. No double chin: No matter how much people avoid to say it. But a double chin (butt chin) looks hideous on any one. People with more weight tend to develop it over time. And losing it is real pain in the ass. You will need to lose a huge amount of weight to make everything back to normal again.
  16. Fewer problems with knee and hip: These problems don’t occur in the young age. However, in the old age, people with excessive weight tend to face such problems. As a matter of fact, their knees and hip face more pressure which make them wear out soon. Being skinny decreases the pain and pressure on the joints that support our body.
  17. Less body odor: This happens because skinny people have more space to breathe. And the fat in the bodies of overweight people generates heat. The thickness of the skin is the major contributor to this theory. Skinny people also have more air flow to their body and their energetic nature also increases this flow.


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