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5 proven secrets to look younger than you are

So you happen to be the guy who gets jealous of your colleague’s young looks even he is the same as you? Does he get all the good compliments about how young he looks? Don’t worry you just need a little brush-up and then you will be ready to rock and roll. I’m going to provide you guys some great tips to look younger and great. Looking young can be beneficial in both personal and professional life. Whether you can look the young attractive salesman or a young handsome dude. Looking young automatically increases your attractiveness.

look younger secrets

  1. Have some purpose in life: 

    You need to have a goal in your life. Don’t just lay around and let things happen, make a proper plan in your life. It will surely look older if happen to be the guy who has given up on life and living pointlessly. Be innovative and productive in your life. As people with goals in their life have a higher rate of success than those who don’t have any goal. Prepare yourself a proper schedule and try to maintain an itinerary to set your work. A positive attitude in life is a must have the quality to look younger and productive. Therefore, keep all your lethargy at home and look fresh at your workplace. This will also increase the chance of you getting a raise.

  2. Take care of your skin: 

    You must take proper care of your skin. Mainly of your face, as people will interact with you by looking at your face first. Buy a micro abrasion tool if you got a rougher skin. Visit the local spas for a proper health treatment once a month. This option might be little pricey but it’s worth considering. Next, try to consider using facial kits at home. As a matter of fact, it will really help you to get rid of dead skin from your face which makes you look older. Furthermore, try to clean all the razor cuts that you have made during shaving sessions. Then, you should also use a proper face wash for your skin. Okay, you know well that all day’s stress and workload makes your skin look tired and dull. Therefore, in order to look healthy try using a face wash according to your skin type. Finally, I would also recommend the use of Sunscreen to your face while you go out. As it will provide proper protection against the UV rays of the sun. In addition to that, you can also wear a hat or a cap to reduce the harmful rays of the Sun.

  3. Get rid of the clothes that you don’t love: 

    Old people tend to use the same thing for ages. As a matter of fact, they apply this to clothing also. So you surely don’t want to look old. Therefore, you should throw away the stuff you don’t love, you’ll have to spend more on clothing. The point is, whenever you buy a new piece of clothing you feel very pleasant and confident while wearing it in front of the public. It gives you a fresh feeling that you are up to something new and innovative. Finally, no one wants to keep their confidence level low while communicating with anyone. So the next time you dress for any occasion, make sure that it will trump everyone else in the room. However, this doesn’t mean you have to be real showy in front of everyone. Having the proper matching colors will be sufficient to rock the occasion.

  4. Take care of your Teeth: 

    As I have mentioned in another article that having a nice of pair teeth helps in impressing people both personally and professionally. So it is not an astonishing fact that having a nice white pair of teeth makes you look younger automatically. However, as we get older our gums and enamel tend to get real dirty and decayed. So it is very important to take proper care of them once in a while. You can visit your local dentist once in every six months for cleaning and treatment. In addition to that, there are plenty of other methods to have clean white teeth. I have mentioned the most effective methods in another article. Some may require a good investment of money but are really noteworthy in a long run. Moreover, everyone perceives healthy white teeth as a sign of positive attitude and healthy lifestyle.

  5. Try to be colorful: 

    As we age our hair tends to grow gray. That’s the clear sign of aging and nobody seems to like it. But believe me, you don’t need to hide it under some color and under some headgear. All you need to do it proper dressing and a nice hairstyle. As a matter of fact, just color hair into black leaving the majority of your hair as it is. Surely, you can easily hide your gray hair under some tint, but you surely don’t want to look like a clown in your office. Having the proper shade will do most of the work. Now the problem of your hair got solved with the simple tip, but it’s not enough to hide your aging. Wear the most colorful clothing possible for the occasion. As wearing the colorful clothes will give everyone the reminder that you are a stylish man who knows what to wear at any occasion. However, you must decide the vibrancy of your clothes according to the occasion. For example, you can simply wear a floral print half shirt in a corporate environment. Know the appropriateness of the clothes before wearing them anywhere. Finally, you must have a good shape in order to look young. Therefore, working out and spending some time at the gym can be really helpful in growing some healthy muscles.

In Conclusion: 

I would say that most of the aging factors can be handled well with good personal care. However, you can’t simply ignore the natural aging effect on your body. Surely there is some effective unnatural way to hide ageing like Botox injection. But sticking to the natural methods should be our major goals as they are less risky and less expensive in the long run. And always try to remember “A man’s got to know his limitations”.

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