Accepting failures in our life

What is a failure?

Failure is a part of life”, that’s what we all get to hear and read about failures. A lot of ups and downs come into our lives due to failures.

Failures are stepping stones. Indeed they are. But sometimes, it seems impossible to get everything sorted when we face difficult times in life. It makes things look darker. We start feeling low about various things around us and get demotivated, a lot!

About Failures

When I faced a failure in my life, I was shocked to see how things change when we fall down. I discovered the negative side of life. It is not easy for one to stand up and start working even harder for our goals. But that’s what is needed the most in such a phase of life.

My failure has been a mixture of experiences to me. I could never imagine all those things that I faced in my tough times. How suddenly and surprisingly, the world flips 180, when you just get down in life!  That change changes us. I faced both good and bad vibes from the world. That thing does make an impact on our lives.

But rather than getting totally guided by my failure, and keep putting myself down in my mind,  I chose to stand up again. That’s something I HAD to go for. Nature has its own ways of teaching us lessons in life and moving ahead with a more hard working mind set for getting what we want.

Even if I had no spirit to fight for myself, to strive harder again, to keep up the courage and continue the process of that determination for a better future, I still got up.

Life gives us such times to make us discover a lot of things that are already around us, but we fail to notice them. In these hard times, we come across such difficulties and know more about various things, be it- people’s behavior with you, opportunities, relations, your work and lot more.  You become alerted. You become more aware of life and people.  Your ways of looking at things change, and you end up getting stronger.

Not losing hope and remain a work working person, is what any difficulty would demand, I guess. Infuse yourself into action, make yourself closer to what you want in life, by just not stopping yourself.

People are always present to be the critic of your life and the decisions you make. You will always be mocked, laughed at and criticized a lot for your decisions, your failures, your lifestyle, and many more things.

Your role here is just not to be influenced by all these actions. That is the time in life, when you ‘grow up’, by avoiding such people, by eliminating those who unnecessarily bother you in life and play with your mind. That is the time in life, when you get stronger and learn new ways of life, about life.

Failures leave us with enormous troubles. We don’t even expect, and we have to fight a lot. Unwanted and negative ideologies surround us. It influences us and starts to rule our lives in a certain way. Sometimes, we fail to understand our own next move and how to keep the strength to stay with ourselves!. And that is something, we should definitely avoid.

Life seems to be stuck and so do we. Everything becomes dull, circumstances make us less interested towards anything and everything that is around us. Several complexes settle in our minds about our failures. There is a time when we find ourselves most wrong. Everything looks and feels terribly tragic. Our affection for life lowers and we become hopeless disheartened.

That’s something life does to each one of us, some day or the other. But what matters the most, is how we react to it. Our reaction matters a lot in such tough times. It makes all the difference. From thinking absolutely dull and low about ourselves and regretting about our decisions to getting sculpted into a stronger, smarter and hard working person, is what failure brings to our lives.

Accept & Figure Out Failures

Accepting a mistake has again a certain significant role in such a situation. For becoming that stronger person, one needs to realize what wrong has been done?.

And then the quote follows: “ embrace the glorious mess that you are”. Yes, that’s how you deal with it.

Accept it. Know, you have been wrong and thus going through a failure. Only then you will recognize your true self. You need to accept what, where, how, when, and why you are facing this failure. If you figure out, it’s a self-made situation, again, not to be influenced by it. Face it. Say yes, you made a mistake but DO PROMISE yourself to change it!!

You are not supposed to go for either of the comfort zones- 1. To start feeling relaxed about it. Or 2. To start feeling bad about it. Rather you have to go through both of them. Challenge yourself to become a better version of you. Face whatever comes in a stronger way and see how a failure leads you to a beautiful success.

Life Hurdles

Those hurdles that you face, is what makes you recognize one day that they were not actually hurdling in your way but rather a bonus towards a better you! A failure should be dealt that way in my opinion. It seems immensely troublesome and hopeless to make up your mind, go forward, work hard, achieve your goals, etc. But there has to be this pulse escalating ideology that does not makes you sit with a failure. You have to gather courage and get back to what you want.

Believe, faith, strength, hope, determination, calmness, and a lot more is what is expected from us when we go through tough times. It seems enormously tough to do things easily, but that’s what is needed.

Conclusively, I would like to write that “failures are definitely stepping stones in life”. And our reaction is all that rules a situation.

Stay determined, have faith, believe in yourself, work hard and win over failures!

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