5 must have men’s accessories for summer

Summer means dressing with minimalism. You can’t simply wear a shiny jacket or a blazer to stand out of the crowd. Therefore, you need to have an eye for a detail. Summer time accessories are the answer to this problem, they are not like usual ties. Instead, all of them serves a function despite being lightweight and light colored. You should know that accessories give you the chance to stand out and add an extra appeal to your personality to your dressing. Here are 5 awesome accessories that you should add immediately for your summer wardrobe;

  1. Sunglasses: 

    Okay, it doesn’t you to the market and purchase anything you like. You have to make a small research about what suits you and what not. In the first place, summer is always full of the bright Sun, which decimates everything that comes in its path. Therefore, sunglasses aren’t just a style statement they are a necessity. Protecting your eyes in the summer should be the top most priority. The sunlight can catastrophically damage your eyes. Furthermore, it can cause cataracts, Ocular melanoma, pterygium or pinguecula. Yes, as the names seem to be complex their treatment is also quite complex and expensive. overexposure to the UV rays can be the prime reason to damage your eyes. So, now comes the process of purchasing a sunglass. How do you purchase a proper sunglass for your face? It all depends on the shape of your face.

    First, if you got a heart shaped face with a sharp chin then buy sunglasses that are wider on the top than the bottom. It will give your jawline a solid presence and enhance your sharp chin. Aviators are the most suitable sun glasses of these type of face. Secondly, If you got a round face with wide cheekbones then try to wear an oversized and rectangular sunglass. As it will give a nice contrast to your round face. Square Aviators, Retro squared, Rectangle-rimless are the most suited design for a round face.

    Third, if you got an oval shaped face then any round or square frame will look good on you. Just try to make sure they are proportional to the size of your face. Any Wayfarers, Aviators, etc will do the job for you. Fourth, if you got a square face with a wide forehead and wide cheekbone then you should try frames with the appropriate size. Sunglasses with round frame like aviators will suit you well. Although trying the sunglasses on the store would be a better option than buying them straight online. As it will give you a better chance to experiment with various frames.

  2. A nice and solid watch: 

    A watch is not just limited to a mechanical or digital device. It has become a style statement that should be adorned. While purchasing a nice timepiece for your wrist you should consider these points. First, it should be well functional, make sure it doesn’t jam or clogs and tells you the accurate time. Second, try to ensure its durability by looking at its build quality. A watch is meant to last for years they not like a handkerchief that you can throw away when they get worn out. Third, try to make sure that they suit with your wrist.

    Don’t try to buy a bulky watch if you got tiny hands. Furthermore, I would say a watch should have a minimalist appeal instead of being too glossy. Try to change your watches according to your routine and dresses. You must know that traditionally there are two kinds of watches; watches with straps and watches with metal bracelets. In addition, you should also know that classic timepieces will give you more functionality and more versatility where as trendy watches may suffer in terms of quality.

  3. A Hat or a cap: 

    When the Sun is up and blazing hot, you really need to cover your head to save yourself from a nasty sunstroke. Men have relied on hats in all weather and for various occasions. They can be the sign of sophistication as well as a necessity. Furthermore, hats are very functional as they protect our head/face from the harmful UV rays and works a shield from summer rainstorms. But while purchasing a cap or a hat you should consider the material. You will need something made from breathable material and have a sweat deflecting or sweat absorbing headband.

    You can choose from various kinds of headgears for summers like straw fedoras, straw trilby hats, polyester baseball caps, linen newsboy caps, straw pork pie hats etc. With functionality, it will also bring people’s good compliment. Furthermore, a hat can also be a style statement like a watch if you choose the perfect one for the body and your attire. So be proud and choose a perfect headgear for yourself to fight against the Sun.

  4. Light Footwear: 

    Summer is the time when you get rid of those massive boots and switch to some light footwear. The leather is considered to be high-quality material, however, it is also a warm material. For this reason, most boots are made of leather. But you need to find some more breathable material for your footwear. You can try Espadrilles, they usually made up of canvas or cotton and they offer decent breathability. So that you can keep your foot cool and they can be found with all types of colors and patterns.

    Lightweight Sandals are also a good option when it comes to comfort. However, try to search for synthetic Sandals instead of leather ones. You can wear them with chinos or linen pants. Finally, if you want more casual appeal then Canvas sneakers are the best bang for your money. As a matter of fact, they use the same technology as espadrilles. You can easily wear them with a nice pair of jeans, however, they look good with chinos as well. In addition, try to wear socks with ankle length only. As they will allow proper air flow to your feet while making you stylish as well. But don’t even try to wear a pair of socks with the Sandals, that’s a  clear no. Wearing socks with shoes will help to absorb the sweat and prevent foot odor. Furthermore, they are also helpful in prevent Fungi.

  5. Have a leather portfolio or notebook: 

    OKay, this is not something to wear in the summers. But this will surely add a professionalism to your appeal. The portfolio allows the proper amount of space for all the essentials. It can be a great accessory, you can use it for carrying a notepad for notes, Tablet, Digital books, business cards, pens etc. There are almost endless possibilities with a well-made portfolio. Therefore, try to buy a well-designed portfolio that’s made from quality leather.

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