20 Style habits to become a stylish man

No one is born stylish. A style is something we learn throughout our life. As a matter of fact, it takes a huge effort to master the art of dressing well. You might have heard the famous proverb, “Habit is second nature”. Therefore, style must be natural and effortless. Great style requires a healthy lifestyle with focus. You surely want to stand out of the crowd in a positive way. By positive I mean the way by which everyone appreciates your styling. We have shortlisted 20 style habits that you should implement to become a stylish man.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes with good fitting: 

    This point can be further divided into two points.

  • part 1: Be confident in what you wear: 

    This point is quite simple, you just need to be confident in whatever you wear. Like, you are wearing shorts in public then you must not have any hesitation in showing your legs. A stylish man knows that his appearance is mainly a reflection of his core values. Therefore, a confident always stand out of the crowd.

  • Part 2: Wear proper fitting clothes:

    Stylish men are aware of all kinds of fits. Thus they always buy proper fitting clothes even they have to pay a little more. Even if the clothes are placed at 90% discount, they won’t bother to look if the size is improper. Tight or lousy clothing will only decrease your confidence level as you will tend to feel that you are not fit at all. Well-fitted clothes make you more stylish and more proper looking gentlemen.

2.Dress for Events, Weather and Yourself:

 You should be well aware that stylish men never allow their choice of clothes to be overruled by the latest fashion trends. As a matter of fact, fashion is just like money, easy come and easy go. Trends are happened to change time to time. Therefore, a stylish man always sticks to the most suitable trend for his body. However, dressing according to the event or weather is a little bit different. First, a stylish man always dresses according to the climate in his region. Second, a stylish man keeps his body structure in mind while dressing anything. Third, a stylish man always dresses according to the event and place. For example, in a wedding, you prefer glossy formals, in office, you wear plain formals etc.

3.Be friend a tailor:
Style falls can be catastrophically disastrous if you don’t have a proper tailor. You will be needing a skilled tailor to do your clothes properly. In addition, he’ll suggest you the best suitable style for that you can wear forever. Getting clothes adjusted to the perfect size is a tailor’s job, he can do it all from suits to casual clothing to jeans. He can really help you build the ultimate wardrobe every man desires. Accordingly, you can have everything altered by him according to your body.

4.Know your Barber well:

Clothes are additional toppings to your body. But your hair is a component of your body. Therefore, you must keep a good relationship with your barber. Always have the appointment with your barber at the proper time, don’t wait until you suddenly realize that you need a haircut. As a matter of fact, this will only lead into a bad haircut that you’ll regret. You have to visit a good barber shop even an expensive one to have a trained professional. Mind you, trained professionals have a better experience than untrained ones. They will get you the best precise haircut according to your head. so from the very next time don’t visit a barber who doesn’t understand you and your hair.

5.Maintain Your Clothes:

 So you got enough money to buy expensive clothes and shoes. But that doesn’t make you stylish at once, remember that will worn out after you wear them several times. Accordingly, you must know how to wash your own clothes, and polish your shoes back to shine. You can have a weekly routine to wash your clothes properly, but do make sure to dry them properly. A proper routine will save you time and effort. Furthermore, it will ensure you that all your shirts are ready to wear at the end of the day. Finally, you should also keep in mind that your clothes must be proper without any broken buttons, holes. Keep your clothes well maintained and your shoes shiny for the best impression. If you haven’t got the time for all this then send your clothes to some laundry shop for a good treatment.

6. Be properly organized: 

Haiving new clothes are good. But having them properly organized in your wardrobe is even better. A stylish watch always organizes all of his clothes, shoes, accessories with proper care. You won’t find shirt or shoes laying around in a stylish man’s home. Therefore, you will need to have a dedicated place for all of your stuff and accessories. But keep everything at a place that whenever you need them you can find them easily at your fingertips. A proper shoe rack is the best place to organize all of your shoes properly. Having a dedicated place for everything makes it easier to complete the search in the shortest amount of time.

7. Justify the cost of clothes: 

its not a bad idea to buy clothes as a discount rate. However, you should always consider the brand name while buying anything. Whether you are buying at discounted price or from a proper store, the brand tag really matters in the first place. As the tag gives you the assurance of how long the product is likely to last. So the next time you buy a shirt or a trouser you gotta ask yourself one question; “Will it last for the next 3 years”? Remeber the golden rule of the cost of clothes; The value of a clothing is presented by the number of times you are wearing it against its cost.

8. Utility and comfort are more important than style: 

Always remember that you should never compromise utility and comfort over the styling of a clothing. Furthermore, you should know that clothes were invented to keep mankind covered and warm rather than a styling accessory. Therefore, styling is never the primary aspect of clothing, you should give more preference to the fit and utility of a clothing. As a matter of fact, keep that in your mind there’s a huge difference between getting dressed in just style and just covering yourself with clothes. For example, if it’s winter then buy a full sleeve jacket rather than a short sleeve. It will serve the real purpose of the clothing rather than being showy to anyone.

9. You should Pre-set the details:

 Having proper pre assigned details to your clothing is really good and makes you more organized. For example, if you got a dinner jacket then pre assign its pockets for your wallet, phone, keys and business card so that when you meet someone you don’t seem lost into your own clothes. This will give the other party a good impression that you are well organized and up to date. Furthermore, you can plan your outfit the night before going somewhere. Store your accessories well in the pockets, it will really help you feel more organized and well prepared for the occasion. A last minute dressing up might result into catastrophic results. You might even forget your necessary accessories while leaving your home.

10. Just compliment freely but don’t dispense style advice: 

So you got a good style and now everyone seems to like it as well. Now someone at a dinner meeting comes at you ask about your outfit, from where you got it tailored? Don’t start a massive speech about the brand and whereabouts about the jacket. Try to keep it sweet and simple, a few words for the description of the outfit are quite enough. As a matter of fact, if you start going into the details then they will think that you are showing off by becoming too showy. There’s a famous Italian word called “Sprezzatura”. It means that style should come naturally without becoming too showy, everyone should notice the pristine condition of your style rather than the showiness of your style statement. Therefore, you must not act like the guy who pushes who own styling ideas on others without them even asking for your ideas.

11.Own a nice well fitted dark suit: 

Owning a proper black suit automatically give you a professional look. It makes people think that you are more focused and organized about your career choices. But wear it in proper occasion like weddings, meetings, funeral etc. The color black will give you a formal look with a proper accent.

12.Treat color like spices: 

The color is quite crucial when it comes to styling. Therefore, selecting the proper color for the proper occasion is very crucial in my opinion. A red tie is well suited for parties while a black is made for formal occasions. You must a good knowledge about color pallets and their use according to functions.

13.Workout clothes are only made for a workout:

 Okay, a lot of people make this step completely wrong, They often wear the tight fitting spandex t-shirts everywhere just to show off their body. Hello then people you are not any fitness model or superstar, you have to maintain a certain decency to stand in a civilized society. Otherwise, people will soon regard you as a savage. Now, you might give the excuse of comfort in order to jump into those track pants. But mind you, they might be good to wear at home but wearing them at the airport will only reflect your lazy attitude towards life. If comfort is the issue then try plain regular fitted cotton trousers, they are really good even in summers.

14. You should understand the use of Scent: 

You don’t want to be the guy wearing women’s’ cologne. That would really suck and will definitely make you look imasculine. Some might even misjudge you as a gay. Therefore, you must pay attention to the selection of your body scent. You can choose from a wide variety of scents. Plus, you should shower daily and avoid oily food to maintain a good natural body odor.

15. Know your measurements well:

 How many time it happened that you went to a store and in a hurry bought the clothes with improper fitting. So, you must have the good knowledge about your measurements. Buy a tailor’s measuring tape for home and make up some time to measure all of your measurement of your body. Now note down all of the observations in a note book for further reference. So the next time you gonna buy some clothes, you’ll need to keep those measurements in your mind. In addition, never compromise in size while buying any clothing. Buy proper fitting clothes so that you won’t need to spend any extra money after the purchase.

16.Build a central wardrobe according to your lifestyle: 

Create a wardrobe that will hold only the necessary items for your current lifestyle. Make the most out of your wardrobe, discard all the unnecessary items out and organize stuff properly. I can assure you that with only 21 items in your wardrobe you’re ready to rock any function in the modern society.

17.You should buy a duplicate of your favorite items: 

Okay this option might be quite expensive for some. But it will really improve your style and cleanliness. For example, you got a favorite t-shirt but it gets really dirty after you wear it for three consecutive days. You can replace it with a duplicate t-shirt and no one will bat an eye. By this method, you can wear your favorite piece of clothing with style and cleanliness.

18.Know the styling rules to create something new and innovative: 

A stylish man is always aware of styling rules and he is always confident enough to create something new and innovative. You have heard the Italian saying “sprezzatura” which means dressing with nonchalance. Therefore, you’ll need to learn the basics about style and styling to create your own rules accordingly.

19.Have a proper grooming routine:

 A healthy and stylish man always have a proper grooming routine for his skin and facial hair. Accordingly, you should cut your nails, trim your beard and pluck nose hair one in a while. With a proper routine, you will always avoid the sudden embarrassment from lack of personal hygiene.

20.Let go the old and worn-out clothes: 

Most people simply ignore this tip and wear their worn out clothes which degrade their social status. You can easily find plenty of people that wear the same vest with holes in the back for several years. Therefore, you should always drop an older item from your wardrobe with every single purchase you make. As a matter of fact, donating your clothes to needy its the perfect way to remove your wornout clothes efficiently. By following the above advice you ensure that your wardrobe remains clean and minimal. Plus you stay away from the public embarrassment by wearing your worn-out and tattered t-shirts.

In conclusion: 

I would like to make you aware of the fact that our habits are responsible for shaping our lives. Therefore, if you are not conscious of making good choices for a healthy lifestyle then you will definitely end up in some undesirable habits. If everyone perceives as a poorly fashioned man then it is a direc result of not making any effort to learn these basic tips.


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