20 Small style mistakes that you should avoid immediately

Styling is not that easy. A Man can dress sharp but still look shabby if he doesn’t give attention to details. Therefore, you must have an eye for detail. Small issues like a loose button on a shirt, small cracks on your leather shoes, or marks of iron on your suit can get you into a huge embarrassment. Proper maintenance is the key solution here. Here are the 200 small style mistakes that you should avoid immediately:

  1. Pulling loose threads from your clothing: 

    We simply can’t ignore when we see a loose thread hanging from our clothing. But don’t even think about pulling those loose threads. You should know that they are not like a weed that you can pluck directly to get rid of them. As a matter of fact, those loose threads are internally attached to the entire clothing, so pulling them can cause damage to the entire clothing. Therefore, whenever you see a loose thread lying around try to cut them with a pair of scissors. Then, mend the cloth from a tailor or do it yourself.

  2. Ignoring the loose buttons: 

    Whenever you see a hanging button on your shirt. It’s high time to fix it immediately as it might get lost at any moment. Furthermore, once lost you can have difficulty finding the exact replacement for the lost button. Visit a tailor before washing them as washing can further damage and rip off that loose button.

  3. Not fixing your trousers: 

    When it comes to trousers they only look when they are in proper shape and fit. Wearing a loose or lousy trouser will only degrade your style. Therefore, immediately fix the trousers which show any signs of tearing or fraying. In addition to that, if you lost or gained weight recently then you should fix the waist of your trousers. Anything loose or tight will make you look bad.

  4. Not checking the pockets properly before washing clothes: 

    How many times it happened that you left some money inside one of your trouser’s pocket and it made a trip to laundry. Okay, modern currency is quite rigid when it comes to structural integrity but think of an important receipt made of normal paper. However, these are nothing as compared with a pen or market left inside the pocket. It will surely ruin the entire clothing with its waterproof ink.

  5. Not reading the washing instructions on your clothing: 

    This can be a terrible mistake and ruin the integrity of the fabric. Read the washing instructions properly before throwing anything into your washing machine. Follow the instruction like “Do not wash in the hot or warm water” or “Do not wash in the washing machine”.

  6. Drying clothes in a washing machine for too long: 

    This is a general mistake committed by many people. Normally it takes about 15 minutes to dry clothes in a washing machine using the damp settings. Furthermore, if you dry clothes under the Sunlight then take them indoors once they are dry. Anything left for too long under the Sun can get damaged.

  7. Leaving your clothes in the dryer after the drying process: 

    The drying process is quite simple. It dries the clothes with an electric heater inside the machine. Therefore, once the dryer has done its job you should immediately take your clothes out leaving them for the next morning would be a bad idea. As longer you let them inside, they will start getting more and more wrinkles. So take them out after drying and fold or hang them properly with hangers.

  8. Using the dryer for clothes that don’t need: 

    Again reading the washing care is very important. For example; certain chinos, dress pants etc doesn’t require much drying. This is because natural drying is always less risky than the dryer inside the washing machine. You can just take them out of the washer after washing and iron them normally. Furthermore, the remaining moisture will make it easier to iron them and it will last much longer.

  9. Wearing shirts with weak placket: 

    First, you should know what placket is. A placket is those overlapping sections of a formal shirt which join the buttons and holes close to each other. A shirt with weaker placket can cause the wrinkly appearance of the top center of the shirt. No matter how much you iron the shirt it can really spoil a good shirt.

  10. Wearing a billowing shirt: 

    Alot of people make this mistake. As they end with the terrible looking muffins in the sides of their waists. Having the proper fit is the key to over come this problem. Furthermore, you should not buy any shirt with extra material coming out while you wear them.

  11. Buying a shirt without enough length: 

    This problem usually happens with the majority of tall men. So, try to look for those dress shirt that matches your body type perfectly. Whenever you try to buy a shirt make sure that they fall 1 or 2 inches below your beltline. Accordingly, the shirt can stay tucked all day long- even when you sit, stand or move.

  12.  Tucking in your shirt throughout the day: 

    Your shirt is not good if you spend most of the time tucking it inside your trousers. Either you are too fat causing improper fit or skinny enough to make the shirt come out of your trousers. Try to find the perfect fit for both your shirt and your trouser. In addition to that, you can also you use suspenders to fix the shirt inside your trousers throughout the day.

  13. Not getting your wool sweaters dry cleaned: 

    As the summers arrive don’t just pack away your woolen items. They need proper handling and care to ensure longer life. So you can visit a good dry cleaner before packing them. If you let them remain unclean then dust and atmosphere will eat the fabric over the year.

  14. Not storing the woolen items properly: 

    Okay, so you have to give them a proper wash in a dry cleaning facility. What comes next is more important than the first step. You need to make sure that they are sealed well separately. As a matter of fact, you can’t simply pack them together with your jackets and shirts. In addition, for the best preservation try to mothball, which makes it possible to keep them safer.

  15. Hot Ironing your suit: 

    Men should learn the difference between steaming, pressing and ironing. As a matter of fact, steaming is highly suitable for your suit. You should know the fact that putting a hot iron against your woolen suit can damage it permanently. Therefore, ironing your suit is an art and needs proper attention. There’s always a chance to ruining the delicate fabric or staining.

  16. Drying your leather shoes with heat: 

    You might have tried to dry your wet shoes in front of a heater after they got wet. Never do that ever again, as it can permanently damage or deform the natural structure of your shoe. And when it comes to leather shoes the damage can be more fatal, your leather shoes can have cracks. Therefore, you should always try to dry any footwear naturally rather than any artificial methods. Surely natural methods will take more time to dry your shoes but they will never destroy the structure of your shoes.

  17. Hanging your expensive suit on a wire hanger: 

    You should know that a wire hanger is not just meant for suits. They can be used for shirt and pants as well. However, their thin and bendable frame can cause indentions or creases on your expensive suit. So, for the next time try to hang your suit on a proper suit hanger.

  18. Applying cologne directly on your clothing: 

    You may be doing this on a daily basis before going to your job, school or college. But the use of cologne over your shirt is definitely a style mistake that you should stop immediately. So, once you have dried yourself after a nice shower try to apply the cologne over your body instead of your clothes. Start with a small amount over your chest and then try to cover your armpits. Furthermore, using cologne over your clothes can cause damage to them.

  19. Leaving your tie with a knot tied: 

    Okay, this step is almost inevitable if you don’t know how to tie a neck tie. Many of us are lazy and take short by leaving our tie knot tied after we use it. As a result, the tie gets damaged over time. You will face some creases on your tie that can’t be mended again. It’s more evident in handmade ties as they are delicate as compared with the regular ties.

  20. Ripping the tags off your clothes: 

    This point is very similar to the point that I have written on the top of this list. You might not like a patch or a tag over your clothes. Ripping it straight off will only cause a hole that gets bigger over time. Therefore, using a pair of scissors to cut them is the best method. The same thing can be done for the tags and patches that lie outside your jacket.

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