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10 simple style upgrades for men

So it’s a certain desire to become a stylish man? But you don’t know a lot about styling in general. Don’t worry I have got you covered in this department. You might be thinking that you will need a massive wardrobe or plenty of cash to buy new stuff. Don’t bother much as you just need a little brush-up and you are ready to rock. As a matter of fact, when it comes to men’s fashion, big things come in small packages. some easy tips and tricks will level up your style while spending less and efficiently.

  1. Reorganize your wardrobe: 

    First, try to get rid of all the unstylish stuff out of your closet and make some healthy space. Try to get rid of clothes that are worn out, lost their real color and have some unwashable stains. Second, try to figure out the best stuff from your closet that suits your body. Furthermore, try to donate all the stuff that you don’t use. This will help you to get rid of unnecessary while helping someone in need. Nothing in your closet remains junk forever, occupying unnecessary space on your wardrobe will only create a mess and make you confuse while searching something. Therefore, you should keep your closet clean and tidy.

  2. Get your clothes tailored: 

    Everybody doesn’t have a lean and perfect body like Christiano Ronaldo. Therefore, ready-made clothes might not fit them perfectly. Having custom fitting clothes can improve your looks massively. Befriend a tailor and let them alter all your clothes properly. However, proper communication with your tailor is very important to have the proper fittings. In addition, make sure you specify your needs for every item. Give the exact measurements or ask them for their professional advice. In conclusion, you should understand that only buying the best branding clothing is not enough for the perfect style. Having them tailored properly according to your body is a further extension. Remember, you are adding value to already purchased clothes by giving them to a tailor.

  3. Wear a decent watch: 

    This tip is mainly for the classy men. As you might argue that what’s the point of wearing a watch when you can use our phone to keep track on time. However, a watch is not just limited to a digital or mechanical device. It is a style statement as it shows that you are a man who really values time. You are perceived as the man who pays attention to the details.

  4. Buy main wardrobe items: 

    Lot of people buys unnecessary stuff for their wardrobes and forgets to buy the basic stuff. It could be dark colored jeans or a crisp white shirt. These main wardrobe items are the building blocks of a perfect wardrobe. Furthermore, you also keep the quality in check while buying any item for your wardrobe. Try to build an interchangeable wardrobe, a wardrobe where you can mix and match anything in terms of colors, texture, and pattern. If you become successful in building such a wardrobe then you’ll end buying less clothing for the upcoming years.This is simple style for men.

  5. Try to rock a sports jacket: 

    Wearing a sports jacket automatically increases your confidence level. Moreover, it makes you look taller and manlier which is a good sign. Furthermore, to have the perfect look and feel you can wear the pair of jeans. It will give everyone the impression of proper stylish gentlemen. This is simple style for stylish men.

  6. Add something unique to your dressing: 

    It is not possible all the time to look stylish by just dressing properly. Sometimes, you really need the extra toppings added to your appeal. An extra dose of uniqueness to your outfit can make you stand out of the crowd. Try to find a unique piece of clothing or ornament that will add the extra spice to your body. Accordingly, you can look for a classic hat, knit ties, bow ties, decorative folds, jewelry etc.

  7. Embrace the beauty of colors: 

    Most men tend to forget the importance of color and contrast in their clothing. As a result, they often wear anything without even matching it with the bottoms they are wearing. You should know that monochromatic looks are a good option when it comes to real style. In addition, the dark blues give a youthful vibe while darker grays are ideal for professional environments. And medium grays are well suited for fair skinned guys.

  8. Maintain your clothes well: 

    it is very important to maintain your clothes. As a matter of fact, stylish men treat their clothes with the highest amount of care. Therefore, give your clothes the proper time for laundry. And try to fix their condition in general. Having holes, the torn fabric will only result in public embarrassment. Polish your shoes every day to maintain a proper shine on them. Furthermore, a stylish man always keeps his shirt well ironed. This is simple style for Stylish men.

  9. Wear Sports shoes and trainers only while exercising: 

    Yes, just because they are comfortable and feels rugged doesn’t mean that you can wear them anywhere you like. Running shoes are only meant for running as they will ruin your style if you tend to wear them with formal attire. Therefore, it is high time to buy some casual leather shoes if you haven’t got one at your home. Leather shoes are the best to level-up your style between people.

  10. Save money for new items: 

    Experimentation is really good, but it takes a good fortune to buy new stuff. Therefore, try to save money for some new items for your wardrobe. As a matter of fact, who knows something new might really suit you.

  11. Bonus tip: Make your style statement a responsibility like your job: 

    To maintain a proper style throughout the year, you need to take things pretty seriously. As a matter of fact, if you don’t give it importance then you’ll start to fall behind.  Therefore, you must maintain proper personal hygiene and clothing as well. Furthermore, you can also teach your friends about your styling tips to ensure that you are doing well with styling.

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