The story of telephone


We live in an invisible jungle of communication. Even right now ten million people could be talking to each other at any one time, their voices are travelling over you/ under you and even sometimes right through the middle of you and all that because of the telephone. It is astonishing to think that I really wanted to and if had the right numbers with in a moment I could be talking by telephone to pretty well anyone on just about any part of the planet. Today we take this communication on demand very much for granted. For most people the thought of being without one telephone is worse than the thought of being without trousers.

Modern means of communication:

The high-tech dream of getting messages fly through the air has not come easily. Earlier pigeons have been carrying messages for hundreds of years as latest the First World War winged messengers were routine to carry sensitive notes across enemy lines. Brave military pigeons were even decorated I think why? They are fantastically unreliable. What was needed was system where you didn’t actually have to carry anything Beckons, smoke signals even drumming was tried, anything to stop the skies becoming choked with all those unreliable birds.

You see most early forms of communications used something you could see something which is visible like fire but by the end of the eighteenth century people began to realize that things would be better if they use something invisible ELECTRICITY. People have known about electricity for hundreds of years but it wasn’t until the eighteenth century when they began to realize its potential for communication.

Electricity can do miracles!

Electricity can go around corners, it can cover vast distances and it’s very fast it goes at nearly the speed of light. Samuel Morse was the first person who really worked on it. Morse was a man with a tragic interest in speeding up communications. Like most great inventions Morse’s breakthrough was staggeringly simple why not? He thought use bursts of electricity to signify the letters of the alphabet. The dots and dashes which makes up the Morse code were born. He finally came up with the electronic telegraph.

Samuel Morse’s telegraph signaled the start of the signaled the start of the race for the telephone electronic communication have begun the pigeon had been replaced with an electronic courier which almost travel at speed of light the nineteenth century had changed forever. The Telegraph really did change the world. It meant that the newspapers could run next day report from around the globe. It was revolutionary information super highway, It was the nineteenth-century cool thing. People even met and got married on It the daily telegraph was so cool to reflect its radical, new, confident technological approach. But soon the trouble came it was the telegraph itself. The copper used in it could only carry one message at a time and there were just too many wires the Telegraph has been a victim of its own success something needed to be done.

The next big thing:

Alexander Graham Bell was the one who came out with the next big thing. Once he thinking that surely you can send more than a simple dot and dash on the copper wire. He was convinced that the answer to the Telegraph problem lay in sound not speaking not the telephone just sound is the way of making Morse code more efficient. His idea meant turning sound vibrations into electrical signals but he couldn’t. The trouble was that Bell was in a race thousands of miles away in Ohio Man called Elisha Gray. And he has worked out how you can transmit sound through a piece of copper wire whereas Bell still had no idea about the electrifying speech. Bell may have hit on the idea for a telephone but over at Ohio Elisha Gray was about to work out how to actually build one.

Elisha Gray:

And so in January 1874, Elisha Gray had the basis what we now know as the telephone. Grey began for the search for a microphone for his project and soon he captured a great idea of capturing speech vibrations in a liquid it was a brilliant and crucial breakthrough his drawing about the idea showed that a telephone system would work. After drafting the entire idea he sent to the US patent office. Grey had done what he had done routinely but this time the patent application changed his life forever. Back in Boston then Bell was still unable to get his telephone system to work but he still sent his faulty idea as proposal kind of “Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we had a telephone?” So on Valentine’s Day, 1876 couriers from both men (Elisha and Graham bell) arrived at the patent office.

The conspiracy against him!

It was Bell’s men who arrived at first to present Bell’s idea and presented it to an examiner. Just two hours later Gray courier carrying the crucial diagram presented the bundle of patent applications to the same man. The race for the invention that would change the world came down to a photo finish. Yes, that may be a coincidence two men, from different sides of the continent, appearing on the same day, same office and in the front of the same examiner with the same idea. But what happened next doesn’t appear to be a coincidence so what happened how did Gray’s idea end up with bell patent application. Both applications arrived in hands of one man at the same day.

That man later admitted in life that it was he who sold Elisha Gray’s idea to Bell’s lawyers. So instead of Gray, it was he who was granted the lucrative patent for the telephone. At that time no one realized what had happened. But Bell leaped into the lead armed with his new ideas the breakthroughs just kept on coming. When Elisha heard of Bell’s success he accepted defeat gracefully. But as he learned about the design the truth became horribly clear. Grey had invented the telephone but Bell had taken it right under his nose. So after that, we know that Bell is the sole inventor of the telephone but he’s wasn’t.

The unexpected turn:

In recent years the story of who invented the phone has taken another unexpected turn. It was Antonio Meucci has invented it in Cuba even twenty years before Bell even set foot in America. More than a hundred years later on 12 June 2002. And after some heavy pressure from the Italians. The US Congress passed a new resolution declaring Meucci not Bell as the inventor of the telephone. So after 40 years of legacy things were about to change again now its global telephony using satellite. It sounded like piffle but in 1962 British two technician build a dish. It could receive telephone calls from America via space with no wires.


Over a decade hundreds of communication satellites have been sent up to outer space. And millions upon millions miles of cable has been buried in the earth below. With every part linking together operating and syncing the large. A vast web of communication has now become the biggest machine in the world. Instant global communication is in full swing. Now days pop groups make more money from ringtones than the albums. The Kids spend more on mobile than chocolate. And people today feel lonely without their phones and I suppose if I’m honest that it is incredible that someone today can reach me at the same number where ever I am in the world.

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