Interesting facts about the London Underground

Facts about The London Underground talk about a public transit system. People also recognize it as the Underground or Tube. This system serves the people who live in some parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Greater London.

Facts about The London Underground 1: the network

The network in London Underground is famous as the oldest rapid transit system. You can spot 52 percent of them above the ground.  There are 270 stations serving the underground network.

Facts about The London Underground 2: the link

The Metropolitan Railway is famous as the first underground railway in the world. Moreover, it first came into existence in 1863. Do you know that London Underground is linked with this underground railway?

Facts about the London Underground 3: the City & South London Railway

The City & South London Railway took the record as the first line operated in underground electric traction trains in 1890. Presently, this railway is included in Northern Line.

Facts about The London Underground 4: expansion

London Underground is very important to the life of the people. Do you know that there were 1.23 billion passengers in 2012/2013 transported via this system? For this reason, there is no need to wonder that Underground is placed in the 12th position of the busiest transit system. Moreover, there are 11 lines in the network.

Facts about The London Underground 5: the first tunnels

The cut and cover method was applied to build the first tunnels in London Underground system. Firstly, they came to place below the surface. However, the size is very big since it can accommodate the normal sized trains.

Facts about the London Underground 6: The Tube

The Tube actually is the name of the smaller circular tunnels. In fact, the people created the smaller tunnels by dinging through London Clay.

Facts about The London Underground 7: the operator

Actually, private companies had the ownership of the project. Moreover, in 1933, they merged and established London Passenger Transport Board.

Facts about The London Underground 8: the current operator

London Underground Limited or LUL is the current operator. In fact, transport for London or TfL is the owner of LUL. However, do you know that this big company has the responsibility to supervise the transport network in Greater London?

Facts about The London Underground 9: the operational expenditures

The passenger fares can cover the 91 percent of the operational expenditure in London Underground. Above all, you can note this from the data in 2012.

Facts about The London Underground 10: the origin

The idea of having underground railway came into a proposal in 1830. In fact, the main function of this underground was to link the City of London with other railways.

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