All you need to know about Valentine’s day

You should be interested in reading and knowing one of these following facts about Valentine Day. However, do you really know what exactly the Valentine Day is? Valentine Day, or also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed on February 14th each year. It’s celebrated in many countries around the world, although it remains a working in most of them. The day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. The most popular martyrology associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. To get to know more about this day, here are some facts about Valentine Day you may like.

Facts about Valentine Day 1: To Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

In medieval times girls ate bizarre foods as they believed that this would enable them to meet their future spouse in their dreams on this day. In middle ages, names of young men and women were drawn from a bowl and were declared each other’s valentines. These names were then pinned to their sleeves for everyone to witness for one week. That’s how the famous expression, “to wear your heart on your sleeve” originated.

Facts about Valentine Day 2: Number 1 Holiday for Florists

Valentine’s Day has been claimed to be, “Number 1 holiday for florists”. This one particular day brings in business of worth $14.7 billion that is similar to the GDP of Iceland.

Facts about Valentine Day 3: Flowers

Each year 189 million flowers are sold in U.S. on Valentine’s Day out of which approximately 110 million are red. So from where do all those flowers come? About 60% of American roses are produced in California but on Valentine’s Day 90% flowers are imported from Columbia and Ecuador.

Facts about Valentine Day 4: Valentine’s Day

People who buy flowers on this day are 73 % men and only 27 % women. Out of this minimal number of 27% there are 15% of women who buy flowers only for themselves in U.S. A number of women also buy flowers for their mothers and daughters on Valentine’s Day.

Facts about Valentine Day 5: Richard Cadbury

In late 1800s the first box of chocolate was introduces by Richard Cadbury exclusively for Valentine’s Day. Each year more than 35 million heart shaped chocolate boxes are sold particularly for this day out of which chocolate worth 1 billion dollars are purchased in the U.S. alone.

Facts about Valentine Day 6: Wedding Proposals

The average number of wedding proposals taking place on Valentine’s Day is 220,000 and it is 10% of the total marriage proposals taking place in a year. This means if you were in Scottsdale, Arizona everyone would be making a proposal.

Facts about Valentine Day 7: Pet’s Valentine

Interesting for those who have pets. Well 9 million people that is 3% of the pet owners prefer celebrating Valentine’s Day with their pets and get them gifts. The reason is that most pet owners consider animals to be more grateful and loyal than humans.

Facts about Valentine Day 8: Other Valentine’s Tradition

In Bangkok a bunch of dozen roses are sold at the rate of $487 and for one Rose $45 is charged. In Hong Kong it is for $205, in Singapore $148, in London, UK $96, in Africa $90 and in U.S. $ 75 would be charged for a bunch. So all of those who consider Roses to be cheap should think again because they are certainly not on Valentine’s Day.

Facts about Valentine Day 9: The Amount of Flowers

Each color of rose sent on Valentine’s day have some meaning e.g. red rose means love and respect. And pink says, “I am having sweet thoughts about you” and white rose stands for purity and states, “I am worthy of you”. Also the number of roses also counts for instance, 1 stands for love at first sight, 12 is to say, “I love you”, 108 recommended for marriage proposals and 999 means “we’ll always be together.”

Facts about Valentine Day 10: Candy Hearts

Approximately 8 billion candy hearts are manufactured each year for Valentine’s Day; this means there are enough candies to be stretched 20 times from Italy to Arizona back and forth.

Hope you would find those Valentine Day facts really interesting and useful for your partner.


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