All you need to know about the American Civil War

The people who love to learn about history should read the civil war facts below. Civil war is one of the important events for the people in America. It will be beneficial if you are informed in any details related to the history by reading the facts below. The civil war in the America occurred because of the battlefield between the north and south people.

1.Black Union soldiers

The first point of civil war facts is related to the black union soldier. These people protested against the differences related to their salary. As a complaint, they refused to receive the salary for about 18 months since the white soldiers were paid in higher rate.

2.dead people

The civil war in America set a record related to the dead people. In the American conflict, this event is the biggest one which consumed much life of people. It is reported that 2/3 of the dead people were perished from disease.


The abolition of slavery actually is not the main goal of the northern people. In fact, Abraham Lincoln stated that that the war was used to restore the Union. But he included slavery as one of the main issue since he wanted to increase the effort.


The battle of the south and north people is something unforgettable. In fact, most soldiers who fought in the war had known each other. Some of them could be roommates or best friends. Above all, it will be such a hard situation to fight against their friends.


The biggest fear faced by the soldiers in the battleship was not being shot by a bullet. In fact, they feared more to be infected by the disease. Accordingly, many soldiers on both sides were dead because of the disease.

6.Robert E. Lee

The sixth point of civil war facts is about Robert E Lee. This is the man in charge to command northern soldiers. Then this man decided to protect his original state Virginia.


When the civil war ended, there was a big gap related to the economical condition of the southern and northern part of US. Ultimately, the ruined economical condition was faced by the people coming from northern states. However, the people living in southern states were lucky since industrialism could help the increase of economy.

8.ethnicity of soldier

It is reported that most people who fought in the civil war were the immigrants in US. I can say that one from 10 soldiers in the civil war was the African American people. Therefore, it seems that the white people gained little proportion.

9.Mourning women

The ninth point of civil war facts is about the mourning women. Accordingly, when a woman lost her husband in the fight, she had to mourn for at least 2.5 years. Thus, the woman only wore the black suit with no social activities, no outing, no parties and no visitors at home.

  1. Name of civil war

This war has various names to mention. Some of them include the War of the Rebellion, the War for the Union, and the Brothers’ War. Another interesting fact in the civil war is related to the operation. The surgeons at that time never washed their hand after performing the operation. Finally, they assume that all bloods of human being were similar in types.


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