The Pink City: How Jaipur Got Its Name

The Pink City Jaipur has enamoured its visitors since 1876. Till today, its pink colour attracts visitors and its uniform colour surely makes you fall in love with the prosperous place. But have you ever thought that why the city is called the pink city and how it deciphered the name?

Well, obviously, it will be more fun to hear only if you are in Jaipur. So get here and embark the journey of listening to the tell-tales why Jaipur is called as the Pink City.

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History about how Jaipur got the name Pink City

In the year 1876, Prince Albert came to visit India at Jaipur when the Jaipur was under the rule of Maharaja Ram Singh. It was said that he was the most influential and mighty. In fact, he was much well-reckoned for his mastermind schemes, which he used to rule over the British lords. He took a diplomatic approach to convince and win the heart of Prince Albert. Therefore, he never wanted to slip the opportunity of establishing a cordial relation with the Prince.

Additionally, he wanted to have an unbreakable association with the Royals in order to strengthen the position of India.

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Strategy wise, he chose a singular colour that is Terracotta Pink to paint the entire city of Jaipur. As you know that Jaipur is quite dry and parched place, and hence, durable calcium oxide was used to persist the condition.

Now Maharaja Ram Singh II made it a point that Prince Albert should make a customary visit to Jaipur. Now in order to give an end to his plan, he planned a scheme. And as per that he built a plush and magnificent Albert hall on the soil of Ram Niwas garden. Now the Maharajah was satisfied with the outcome. According to his anticipation, the Prince was highly captivated by the beauty and grandeur of Jaipur. For that, he reconsidered to brush the city once more with the warm welcoming colour pink.

Why was the colour pink chosen?

It is quite intriguing that why Maharaja Ram Singh choose the Pink Colour. Well, this is because pink represents geniality and warm-heartedness. It represents the welcoming heart of India towards her guests.

Why is Jaipur still in pink colour?

Till today, the Royal city has fruitfully maintained its vibrancy and liveliness through the colour. But you may ponder why does the city is called the Pink City. Dating back to the era of Ram Singh and his most adored wife, they were quite exasperated with the colour code. Somehow, she spoke her heart to the King and impressed him to make the colour uniform by law for the entire city. She revealed her wish that those building painted in any other colour apart from pink would be considered as illegal. Thereafter in 1877, the law eventually took a legal shape. And till date people followed that lawfully.

So, at the end of the journey, you would know all about the story behind the naming of Pink City. And while you do that, make sure you enjoy the hospitality of hotel in Jaipur 3 star.

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